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Politics' Silliest Moments of '09

From Dancin' DeLay to Roberts' inaugural flub, 'twas a weird year

(Newser) - Politics isn’t always a deadly serious game of statesmanship. Sometimes it’s goofy. Politico recalls the most bizarre moments of 2009:
  • Barack Obama sworn in—twice: Obama joked that they’d done it because “we decided it was so much fun.”
  • Sarah Palin resigns: Even her aides
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Stocks Close In on Big 2009 Gains

Dow up 61% since the low point in March

(Newser) - Stocks have rebounded mightily since the dark days of March, though analysts warn the dazzling recovery could make for a lackluster 2010, or even auger a double-dip recession or '30s-style yo-yoing markets. The good news first: Barring a disastrous close today, the Dow will be up around 61% since March... More »

Stocks Set to Cap Off Stellar Year

2009 the best year for the market since 2003

(Newser) - Stocks are expected to rise this week, capping off Wall Street’s best year in recent memory. It’s the first time in two years that stocks have posted annual growth, and for the S&P 500, it could be the best year since 2003. Though the economy is far... More »

The Year's Best Albums

U2's 'No Line on the Horizon' tops the list

(Newser) - Who says the album's dead? This year saw some fine ones, with veterans like U2 and Bruce Springsteen setting the bar. Rolling Stone rates the cream of the crop:
  1. U2, No Line on the Horizon: Bono & Co. explored “dark places” and came away “with a sense of
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A List of the Best Lists of 2009

Who could forget classics like 'Things that look like Joe Jackson'?

(Newser) - This is almost too meta to handle but yes, what follows is an Internet list of the best Internet lists of 2009. Here are Nerve's favorites:
  • 5 Cats That Look Like Wilford Brimley : Comparing felines to the Cocoon star is pure genius.
  • 11 Predictions that Back to the Future II
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Overexposed in 2009

We'd like to see less of these people in 2010

(Newser) - Some of these people are great, some of them are scumbags, but all of them have one thing in common: we saw way too much of them this year. Michael Arceneaux of The Root thinks all of them should take a break in 2010. More »

'Unfriend' Is Scam, Not Word, of Year

This is one big hacky trend piece, writes Adrian Chen

(Newser) - After "unfriend" won Oxford University Press' Word of the Year, Adrian Chen started typing away at a piece on Internet relationships for Gawker —"Then I realized that the Word of the Year is a huge scam." Here's the evidence: The past four winners have been hypermiling... More »

Say Goodbye to a Sad Excuse for a Summer

When even Joe Biden doesn't make us laugh, something's gone wrong

(Newser) - Labor Day traditionally marks the end of summer, and the last day of this exhausting season couldn't come soon enough, writes Joe Queenan in the Wall Street Journal. The weather's been lousy, the movies were mediocre, and Jon and Kate somehow convinced the nation that they mattered. And don't mention... More »

Slankets and Snuggies: The Mockable Sells

The pitch ripe for irony, sells more than a blanket

(Newser) - Parodied by YouTube videos and mocked by Jay Leno, the blanket with arms known as the Slanket—or its knockoff the Snuggie—is getting a lot of attention for a useless invention, writes Dara Lind for Culture11. As Leno points out, “It’s like wearing a bathrobe backwards,"... More »

Cool Tech at CES, But It's Useless

3-D TVs, wristwatch cellphone are among the excellent gadgets

(Newser) - The 2009 Consumer Electronics Show is full of “incredible technology,” Larry Magid writes for CNET. Problem is, it’s all “in search of a practical purpose,” making this year the “year of the gimmick.” Magid runs down a few wowee gadgets of dubious usefulness.... More »

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