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City May Scrap Law Requiring Confederate Street Names

Alexandria, Virginia, rethinks old rule

(Newser) - Alexandria, a city in northern Virginia steeped in Civil War history, is considering repeal of an old law requiring new streets to be named for Confederate generals. A City Councilman has introduced legislation to do away with a 1963 law requiring that any new "streets running in a generally... More »

America's 20 Smartest Small Towns

Where brains and high property values meet

(Newser) - America's brainiest small towns boast high property values and high culture. Forbes lists the nation's smartest:
  1. Bethesda, Md.: Nearby Georgetown and the National Institutes of Health draw brainy folk to Bethesda, which has a rate of advanced degrees five times higher than the nation's.
  2. Wellesley, Mass.: Home to two private
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2 Stories