Wuthering Heights

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Thanks to 50 Shades, the Classics Get Sex Scenes

Introducing 'Clandestine Classics'

(Newser) - Jane Eyre is great and all, but wouldn't it be so much better if it featured tons of "explosive sex" scenes? Thanks to Clandestine Classics , it soon will. The company is publishing erotic versions of that and other tomes including Pride and Prejudice, 20,000 Leagues Under the ... More »

Want an Oscar? Try Buying One

15 up for auction next week, and the academy is not happy

(Newser) - Face it, Taylor Lautner: This is your only chance. Fifteen Oscar statuettes will be auctioned Tuesday in the largest such sale ever, says the Los Angeles Times , and bids during the online and telephone event are expected to reach up to $4 million. All of the awards currently belong to... More »

Psychologists: Victorian Novels Helped Us Evolve

Victorian literature upheld cooperation, personal sacrifice

(Newser) - Victorian novels didn't just tout moralistic values of 19th-century British society, they helped altruistic genes flourish, a study claims. Evolutionary psychologists say classic characters such as Mr. Darcy and Count Dracula helped instill and promote a sense of right and wrong in society, the Guardian reports, specifically the notion that... More »

3 Stories