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Bristol: Hacked Email Prompted Harassing Calls

Cell number online produced hundreds of prank calls, messages

(Newser) - Bristol Palin bore some of the brunt when her mother's email account was hacked during the 2008 presidential race, and her cell phone number posted online. She received countless phone calls and hundreds of text messages, she testified in court yesterday, including one really scary call from a group of... More »

Emails: Ensign Pulled Strings for Lover's Husband

Evidence mounts that Ensign may have crossed ethics lines

(Newser) - John Ensign tried to get a Las Vegas energy firm to hire his lover's husband as a lobbyist, according to new emails making the rounds at the FBI and a Senate ethics panel. The emails, which a source passed off to the New York Times , represent the first written evidence... More »

Facebook-Style 'News Feed' Coming to Gmail

Google attempts to make email service more social

(Newser) - Google is planning a new social networking feature for Gmail that allows users to see a feed of status updates and other information from their friends. The feature, which could be rolled out this week, will add a window to Gmail that displays a rolling count of the away messages... More »

Emails Reveal Todd Palin's Power

'First Dude' had say in virtually every aspect of Sarah Palin's administration

(Newser) - Todd Palin had a massive amount of power in his wife’s administration in Alaska, recently released emails confirm. The missives, obtained by NBC through the state’s public records law, show the “first dude” was heavily involved in judicial appointments, contract negotiations with public employees, and state board... More »

Blackberry Bug Snarls Delivery of E-mails

RIM says it has fixed today's widespread smartphone glitch

(Newser) - Don’t panic, Blackberry users. Research In Motion says it’s resolved the particularly ill-timed technical issue that caused crippling e-mail delays throughout North America this morning. Customers, however, may still experience delays for a while as the system works through the backlog of unprocessed e-mails. “The timing couldn’... More »

Facebook, Twitter Will Kill Email ... Maybe

Social networking sites have their place, but so does predecessor

(Newser) - Email’s had a good run, but its day is done, according to Jessica Vascellaro of the Wall Street Journal. Email is an outdated form of communication, better suited to a time when we logged online and off, she argues. Now that we’re always connected, Twitter and Facebook are... More »

Hotmail Phishing Scam Also Took In Gmail Users

Hotmail users not alone; scheme was 'industry-wide'

(Newser) - Hotmail users weren’t the only ones compromised in the huge phishing scheme that came to light yesterday. Another 20,000 email accounts and passwords have surfaced, bearing addresses from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and other services, the BBC reports. Google has found a third list but hasn't detailed its contents.... More »

Mistress' Other Man Sent Sanford E-mails to Paper

Argentine mistress saw another man, but told Gov, 'You are my love'

(Newser) - Mark Sanford’s lovey-dovey e-mails were discovered—and e-mailed to a South Carolina newspaper—by another man his mistress was dating, a former coworker tells the New York Times. He says the mistress, who’s been identified as María Belén Chapur, began dating a young Argentinean man a... More »

Smartphones Dial Up Etiquette Debate

Some call tapping rude; others call it necessary

(Newser) - Most companies don’t have rules about smartphone use at work—but with more people eying their BlackBerrys during meetings, a debate is raging over smartphone conduct, the New York Times reports. Many call excessive BlackBerrying the height of rudeness, but others hold that today’s world requires constant electronic... More »

UC San Diego to Rejects: You're In!

Email screw-up raises false hopes for 28K denied applicants

(Newser) - Some 28,000 applicants were rejected from the University of California, San Diego weeks ago—and all of them received emails from the school on Monday applauding their acceptance, the Los Angeles Times reports. A few hours later, the admissions office sent out a follow-up email apologizing for the mistake,... More »

After Respite, Spam Now 94% of All Email

Nov. crackdown cut junk by 70%, but mailers have recovered

(Newser) - Like it or not, spam has made a comeback. Unwanted junk email is back up to 94% of all traffic, according to Google’s anti-spam Postini division. Spammers suffered a setback in November, when web backbone providers banned McColo Corp., a server spammers used to coordinate attacks, the New York ... More »

Cell Networks Pass Test

Handled massive inauguration volume

(Newser) - The Washington DC networks of the major cellphone carriers held up under massive pressure yesterday, handling millions of additional texts and emails without crashing, reports USA Today. There were some delays but AT&T, Verizon and Sprint handled up to three times their normal volume as thousands of spectators at... More »

DC Cell Phone Calls: Maybe We Can

Inauguration throngs threaten to overwhelm networks

(Newser) - Throngs of people at the inauguration threaten to overwhelm the cell phone system with a massive number of calls, texts, tweets and emails, reports the New York Times. Major cell phone companies are scrambling to upgrade and add capacity, but no one knows how the system will respond to the... More »

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