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Jeremy Lin Meets Fired Headline Writer

ESPN gaffe apparently water under the bridge

(Newser) - Jeremy Lin has met with the ESPN headline writer who was fired over an offensive headline he wrote about the Knicks star's first loss, and all appears to be forgiven."It went incredible," Anthony Federico, 28, told Newsday . "We talked for an hour. I'm just... More »

ESPN Sorry for Awful Jeremy Lin Headline

It said 'chink in the armor' after last night's loss

(Newser) - ESPN apologized today for some badly chosen words in the wake of Jeremy Lin's first loss as a New York Knick: A headline on its mobile site read "Chink in the armor" for about a half-hour before getting yanked, reports Outsports.com . A network statement called the headline... More »

Blog Tracks Down Real, Onion-Worthy Headlines

Example: 'God Caught Backing Multiple Candidates'

(Newser) - First came Literally Unbelievable , the blog devoted to people who mistakenly believe that Onion stories are actually true. So it was only a matter of time before Onion-Like popped up. The still-pretty-new blog is devoted to news headlines that are attached to true stories (really!) but sound tailor-made for... More »

Stop the Presses! Story Mentions Conan, Leno, Lady Gaga!

Rise of Web searching spells doom for clever newspaper headlines

(Newser) - Back in the day, "drunks with cigars wrote stories," overeducated wiseguys slapped snappy headlines on them, and some hours later, a newspaper appeared on your doorstep. In Internet time, that printed birdcage liner might as well be carved on stone tablets. "Call me a grumpy old codger,... More »

How the Onion Writes Headlines

New book Our Front Pages explores the evolution

(Newser) - The Onion's writers have a backward way of generating stories: They come up with the headlines first. The staff devotes the first two days of each week to rejecting headlines like “Quick and Painless Overthrow of Taliban Enters Eighth Year” in favor of “US Continues Quagmire-Building Effort in... More »

Obama Headlines Worldwide

Papers reveal 'great expectations' for America's next president

(Newser) - The world was watching as Barack Obama took the oath of office. A sampling of headlines from around the globe:
  • National Post (Canada): The Ascension of Obama
  • Guardian (UK): Magical Spell That Will Open a New Obama Era
  • La Repubblica (Italy): America Celebrates Obama's Oath
  • Der Tagesspiegel (Germany): The World
... More »

6 Stories