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Arianna Huffington: Sex Symbol?

The 60-year-old is a 'modern-day courtesan,' writes Hephzibah Anderson

(Newser) - "Legendarily coiffed, she's as fond of girlish ruffles and racy black lace as she is of pantsuits—and is not above flaunting her yoga-toned limbs." If you think that sentence describes, oh, Gwen Stefani, you'd be wrong. She is ... Arianna Huffington, sex symbol. "Yes, you... More »

Obama's Not Sexy Anymore

Failure in office makes president less dreamy

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s lost something much worse than political capital in his first term: He’s lost his sex appeal, writes Tunku Varadarajan at the Daily Beast . “Not so long ago, Obama’s sex appeal lay at, or near, the top of a list of his attributes that turned... More »

Why Larry King Is a Sex Symbol

Yes, women love the 76-year-old 'grandfather' figure

(Newser) - Larry King keeps reeling in the ladies—his latest soon-to-be-ex-wife is nearly 30 years his junior—but, surprisingly, it’s not just his fame and money that keep them coming back. “Larry is hot!” Joy Behar recently said of the 76-year-old. “He’s a sex machine, OK?”... More »

20 Stars Who've Gotten Sexier

Age has been kind—really kind—to these hot celebs

(Newser) - We're supposed to get wiser as we get older, but sexier? Not so much. But luck (and a few flat irons, it seems) has been on the side of these celebs, who have gotten hotter with each passing year. Nerve runs down the 20 best transformations:
  1. Mary-Louise Parker: "Cute
... More »

Megan Fox: It's All an Act

Hollywood's crazy sex bomb is ready to make her next move

(Newser) - Megan Fox isn’t really an out-of-control, stripper-seducing wild child—she just plays one in interviews. Hollywood’s current favorite sex symbol tells Lynn Hirschberg of the New York Times that she’s manufactured her own image, creating a character to play in the press because “I’m not... More »

Swayze: Not Afraid to Laugh at His Own Hunkiness

Actor didn't want to be just another pretty face, made sure he wasn't

(Newser) - Patrick Swayze, who died today at 57, wasn’t the first choice for the male lead in Dirty Dancing, the BBC notes, but “his performance earned him award nominations and a place on bedroom walls of lovelorn teenage girls around the world.” He eschewed Hollywood’s scene—preferring... More »

Fox's Transformers Audition? Washing Director's Car

Director, actress both claim they don't know where it is

(Newser) - It’s only a matter of time before this hits the Internet: Director Michael Bay made Megan Fox wash his Ferrari, while he filmed her, during her audition for Transformers, reports the Guardian. When Bay was asked what became of the footage, he claimed he—like Fox—had no idea... More »

Cougars Drool Over Lambert

(Newser) - “Cougar-aged” women across the continent tuned into American Idol for the first time this season, Joan Raymond writes for Newsweek, after acquiring an obsession with its oh-so-sexy and oh-so-gay eventual runner-up, Adam Lambert. “We became Glamberts,” Raymond writes. “When we got together, we no longer talked... More »

Busty Sales Pitch Too Spicy for Ohio Town

Board orders Ken's BBQ joint to put clothes on mannequin BarBe

(Newser) - Ken can keep his BarBe, but only if he dresses her more decently, an Ohio town ruled this week. Kenny Tessel says business is up 40% at his Reading barbecue joint since he put the mannequin outside dressed only in a bikini: “Sex sells.” But after listening to... More »

Time to Retire the Crotch Shots, Madge

'Trussed chicken' poses reveal diva's pathetic desperation

(Newser) - More than gloves came off for Madonna during her divorce, and it seems no amount of pleading can stop the 50-year-old’s “forced erotica,” Jan Moir writes in the Daily Mail. Madge’s crotch shots for her new Hard Candy album are “the death rattle of a... More »

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