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Crew Emerges From 520-Day Mars 'Flight'

Mission 'lands' without ever leaving planet

(Newser) - They’re free—and they don’t appear to have gone crazy. The crew of Russia’s simulated Mars mission has landed, by which we mean, been released from the narrow confines of the “spaceship” they’ve been trapped in for 520 days . The six men, ages 27 to... More »

Mock Mars Mission Blasts Off

Experimenters will spend 105 days locked in fake spaceship

(Newser) - Europe launched its first shot at a manned mission to the Red Planet today—by locking six scientists in a tiny capsule in Moscow for 105 days to simulate the voyage, the BBC reports. The volunteers, who can leave the experiment but score $20000 if they make it, will perform... More »

iPhone App Lets Users 'Fly' Like Sully

Flight simulator includes actual air traffic communication from US Airways 1549

(Newser) - A new iPhone app gives users the opportunity to compare their flying skills to those of Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, reports the Unofficial Apple Weblog. The "Sully's Flight" simulator application re-creates the conditions experienced by Flight 1549 before the hero pilot safely brought it down in the Hudson River.... More »

Airline Promises Plane Crash for Paying Execs

Team-building exercise puts groups in simulated nosedives

(Newser) - British Airways is putting customers on a plane guaranteed to plunge 3,000 feet and fill with smoke—and companies are lining up to try it, the Times of London reports. The "crash courses" are staged on a plane simulator at Heathrow Airport to build team spirit. “The... More »

4 Stories