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Small College Won't Change Name to Honor Billionaire's Wife

Former Citigroup CEO had promised $20 million for the naming rights

(Newser) - A billionaire has decided not to donate $20 million to a New York college after a judge ruled it couldn't legally change its name in honor of the billionaire's wife, the New York Times reports. According to NBC News , Paul Smith's College announced over the summer it... More »

For Sale: Naming Rights to Broke Japan City

It's called Izumisano, for now

(Newser) - It's come to this in Izumisano, Japan: The city is so broke it hopes to sell its naming rights to the highest bidder, reports AFP . Izumisano owes more than $1 billion to creditors, mainly because it sank so much money into "building roads and other infrastructure" to its... More »

Altoona Changes Its Name to ...

'POM Wonderful,' but for Only 60 Days as Part of Documentary Stunt

(Newser) - Altoona, Pennsylvania, is selling its naming rights to a filmmaker with an axe to grind. The city’s new name? “POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.” It's the title of Morgan Spurlock’s documentary—his most famous is Supersize Me—about America’s inescapable advertising, and... More »

Couple: Find Our Dog, We'll Name Firstborn After You

They fear their Bernese Mountain dog was snatched

(Newser) - A Canadian couple, desperate to reclaim their missing dog, has offered an unusual reward: They'll name their soon-to-be-born first child after whoever finds her. Sara and Dan Cannon's 16-month-old Bernese Mountain dog disappeared from their backyard on Jan. 4, reports the New York Daily News. Fearful that someone might have... More »

Adultery Site Wants to Rename Meadowlands

AshleyMadison offers $25 million...and will go higher

(Newser) - The infidelity business must be booming. Adultery-promoting website is offering to pony up $25 million to acquire the naming rights to the new Meadowlands Stadium, home to the Jets and Giants. "We would be pleased to match any such superior offer," reads the letter obtained by... More »

Citi's Mets Deal Makes Sense in the Long Run

$400M, over decades, will generate lots of publicity, help pay back bailout funds

(Newser) - Citi’s $400 million naming-rights deal with the New York Mets may seem “tone-deaf and stupid” after the bank took $45 billion in bailout funds, Daniel Gross writes in Newsweek—but it’s a good idea. “Companies—even companies getting bailed out by the feds—need to attract... More »

6 Stories