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Errors With Meds Happen in Half of All Surgeries

And the longer your procedure, the greater the risk

(Newser) - In past studies, doctors rarely self-reported medication errors during surgery. But a new study out of Massachusetts General Hospital, based on researcher observations during 277 procedures in the anesthesiology department, arrived at a far different conclusion: that about half of all surgeries involve a medication error or "adverse" drug... More »

Scientists Create 'Alzheimer's in a Dish'

Breakthrough will make drug testing much easier

(Newser) - A huge breakthrough in Alzheimer's research—and one that doesn't involve tests on mice: Scientists have successfully created "Alzheimer's in a dish" using human brain cells in research that will make it much cheaper and easier to test new anti-Alzheimer's drugs, reports the New York ... More »

John Kerry’s Wife Critically Ill

Teresa Heinz Kerry hospitalized after apparent seizure

(Newser) - Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of secretary of State John Kerry, is in critical but stable condition in a Boston hospital after falling ill at the couple's holiday home on Nantucket Island. The 74-year-old heir to a ketchup fortune appeared to have a seizure of some kind, sources tell the... More »

Human Stem Cells Can Make Egg Cells

Discovery could lead to major fertility advances, researchers say

(Newser) - Scientists say they have figured out how to get stem cells from human ovaries to generate egg cells, a discovery that could be a major advance for fertility medicine, reports the New York Times . The Massachusetts General Hospital researchers employed a technique first used on mice ovaries that marks the... More »

AIDS Vaccine Quest Gets $100M Injection

(Newser) - A technology entrepreneur has given Massachusetts General Hospital its largest gift ever—$100 million—to create an interdisciplinary institute focused on finding an AIDS vaccine, the Boston Globe reports. The institute will bring together doctors and scientists from MGH, Harvard, and MIT, including engineers and mathematicians, who would otherwise not... More »

5 Stories