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Corruption Trial Looms for China's Bo Xilai

Former pol accused of bribery, embezzlement

(Newser) - Nearly a year after his wife was sentenced in the death of a British businessman, former top Chinese politician Bo Xilai is headed for a trial of his own. He has been charged with corruption, bribery, embezzlement, and abuse of power, the BBC reports. The charges accuse Bo of using... More »

DA Drops Case Vs. Woman Who Taped Cops

Emily Good plans lawsuit

(Newser) - Emily Good, the woman who made national headlines after police arrested her while videotaping a traffic stop, scored a victory in court today when the prosecutor dropped the sole misdemeanor charge against her. Good's actions simply didn't meet the definition of police intimidation required under the law, her... More »

Cops Get Strict on Parking —at Rally Over Arrest

Rochester officers crack down at meeting over videotape incident

(Newser) - Strange coincidence in Rochester, New York: Police busted out their rulers (literally) and issued a slew of tickets to cars parked even an inch beyond regulation from the curb. The coincidence part? It happened outside a community meeting to question police action in the arrest of Emily Good, who videotaped... More »

More Berlusconi Drama: Are There Naked Photos?

Alleged pictures of PM with girls spark tabloid bidding war

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi is not most people's idea of a sexy hunk, but photographs allegedly showing the 74-year-old Italian prime minister naked—reportedly taken by one or more of the showgirls who entertained the PM in the "bunga bunga" party room of his mansion—have prompted a bidding war between... More »

Texas Cop Fired for Overkill Investigation

Sheriff's lieutenant shut down car wash over wife's missing $16

(Newser) - A Texas sheriff’s lieutenant has been fired for using police resources to investigate the alleged theft of $16 from his wife at a local car wash, the Houston Chronicle reports. Louis Guthrie and a group of deputies taped off the establishment for an hour to question employees. “This... More »

Gitmo Abuse Worse Under Obama: Lawyer

Guards 'get their kicks in' before controversial prison shuts down

(Newser) - Prisoner abuse at Guantanamo Bay has gone up since the election of President Obama, who’s promised to close the facility, a lawyer tells Reuters. Detainees represented by Ahmed Ghappour complained of beatings, dislocation of limbs, overfeeding while on hunger strike, and pepper spray on their toilet paper. “Guards... More »

6 Stories