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Autistic Workers Find Niche in IT

US company takes cue from Danish firm and trains software testers

(Newser) - Inspired by a Danish company and the lack of employment opportunities for her son with Asperger’s, an Illinois woman has brought the trend of IT training for those with autism spectrum disorders to American shores. Aspiritech has trained 8 people so far to test computer programs, a skill many... More »

NYC Unemployment Hits 10.3%

City given grant to help laid-off Wall Street workers retrain

(Newser) - The Big Apple's unemployment rate hit double digits last month for the first time since 1993, the New York Times reports. At 10.3%, the rate is now higher than the national rate of 9.7%. State officials say continuing layoffs on Wall Street are to blame for the rise,... More »

Career-Switchers Flock to Teacher-Training Programs

Unemployment helps drive applications

(Newser) - With unemployment soaring, interest is booming in teacher-training programs for people switching careers, the Washington Post reports. This year, a 20-city retraining program saw applications climb 30%; in many areas there’s more interest than jobs available, outside of science, math, and physical education. The surge could help avert likely... More »

Calif. Program Trains 'Green Collar' Workers

Pioneering initiative's grads tackle both pollution and poverty

(Newser) - The first waves of graduates from California's pioneering "green collar" training program are ready to put their new skills to work reducing the state's carbon footprint, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The trainees, including ex-cons and low-income residents, have finished an extensive course in construction skills to equip them... More »

3 Million US Job Openings Isn't a Good Thing

Figure shows troubling disconnect between employers, workers

(Newser) - Even with the unemployment rate shattering records, 3 million jobs nationwide remain unfilled. But the growing mismatch between employers and workers tarnishes that silver lining, Peter Coy argues in BusinessWeek. Untrained job-seekers often don’t have necessary skills to work in growing sectors like health care and accounting, and employers... More »

Jobless Japanese Work the Land

$10M government program trains new agricultural force

(Newser) - As their country struggles with its worst recession since World War II, many Japanese city slickers stymied by the job market are trying out the farming life, the Wall Street Journal reports. Aiming to rejuvenate an industry in which two-thirds of full-time workers are 65 and older, the government has... More »

Seniors Scrambling for Work

(Newser) - The recession is hitting elderly workers much harder than in the past, thanks to an increase in the number of older workers—especially those over 75—and a severe shortage of jobs, the Wall Street Journal reports. In past recessions, these workers just retired; now, they're scrambling to find a... More »

7 Stories