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Tax Dodgers: Feds Could Soon Snatch Your Passport

If measure passes, 'seriously delinquent' taxes could mean no passport

(Newser) - If lawmakers push a provision through in December, US citizens who owe back taxes will have more to worry about than accumulating debt. As part of a transit and highway funding bill currently being negotiated in Congress, the provision would allow the feds to revoke, deny, or limit a person'... More »

IRS: Melissa Gilbert Owes Us $360K

But no worries, her hubby says it's no big deal

(Newser) - The latest celebrity in trouble with the IRS : Melissa Gilbert. The agency says the former Little House on the Prairie star owes $360,551 in federal income taxes. "Like so many people across the nation, the recession hit me hard," the 51-year-old actress tells the Detroit News . "... More »

To Recoup Taxes, Kansas OKs Sex Toy Auction

An erotic store chain owes the state $164K

(Newser) - In the market for love, ahem, accessories? Try shopping with the state of Kansas, which is behind an online auction of a large volume of sex toys—ranging from vibrators and handcuffs to a "fantasy love swing" and pornographic films—in an effort to recoup the $163,986 an... More »

IRS Handed Out $1M in Bonuses— to Workers Who Owed Back Taxes

And almost double that amount to other workers with disciplinary problems

(Newser) - The Internal Revenue Service has paid more than $2.8 million in bonuses to employees with recent disciplinary problems, including $1 million to workers who owed back taxes, a government investigator said yesterday. More than 2,800 workers got bonuses despite facing a disciplinary action in the previous year, including... More »

Religious Family Lost at Sea Is Back in Arizona

Gastonguays face sizable debt after returning home

(Newser) - A family that fled the US in search of religious freedom is back home in Arizona instead, facing nearly $20,000 in debt. The Gastonguay family sailed off for the island nation of Kiribati, hoping to avoid what they said was government interference in religion—but storms damaged their boat... More »

Dionne Warwick Files for Bankruptcy, Owes $10M in Taxes

Says she makes just $10 a month after expenses

(Newser) - The latest celebrity with big-time tax trouble : Dionne Warwick. The 72-year-old singer has filed for bankruptcy, TMZ reports. She owes $10.2 million in back taxes that have been accruing since 1991. Almost $7 million of that is owed to the IRS, and the rest to California, the BBC reports.... More »

IRS Grabs Lohan's Bank Accounts

It's time to pay up, Lindsay

(Newser) - Apparently Charlie Sheen's $100,000 was not enough: The IRS has seized Lindsay Lohan's bank accounts so that it can collect all the back taxes she owes it, TMZ reports. She owes at least $233,904 for 2009 and 2010, plus more for 2011, according to the gossip... More »

Why Sheen Gave LiLo $100K

Charlie wanted to help Lindsay with tax bill

(Newser) - Apparently Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan have some sort of troubled-actor bond, because last week Sheen gave LiLo $100,000 to help her with her unpaid taxes, TMZ reports. The two got close while filming Scary Movie 5 in September, talking about everything including the $233,904 Linds owes the... More »

Guy Buys 650 Michigan Foreclosures for $4.8M

That's every tax foreclosed property in Michigan's Macomb County

(Newser) - When Bill McMachen learned that he could buy all 650 of the tax foreclosed properties in Michigan's Macomb County just by paying the $4.8 million in back taxes, he went for it. "I got a deal nobody else could have got," he tells Fox News . The... More »

Hill: I Dodged Taxes While Guarding My Family

Long Tumblr post explains singer's withdrawal from pop culture

(Newser) - Lauryn Hill admits she paid no taxes for a few years, but says she was busy protecting herself and her family from popular culture, the New York Post reports. In a long Tumblr post , the singer said yesterday that she withdrew from society and cast aside pop culture's "... More »

13 Stars With Major Tax Issues

Yep, Lindsay Lohan has tax problems, too

(Newser) - You'd think, with all their fame, fortune, and presumed ability to hire a legion of accountants, celebrities would be able to stay on top of their taxes. But these 13 stars, rounded up by Fox News , prove that's not always the case:
  • Lionel Richie: Reportedly owes the federal
... More »

Federal Workers Owe $1B in Back Taxes

2010 figure soars $32M from year before

(Newser) - Some 98,000 federal workers owed $1.03 billion in unpaid taxes at the end of the 2010 fiscal year. While that's fewer employees than in 2009, the amount of cash owed climbed by $32 million, the Washington Post reports. Defense Department workers owed the most, with more than... More »

Ground Zero Mosque in Tax Trouble

Developer Sharif El-Gamal owes $224K in property taxes

(Newser) - Opponents of the “Ground Zero mosque” will likely have a field day with this one: Developer Sharif El-Gamal owes $224,270 in back taxes on the mosque site. El-Gamal’s company didn’t pay its tax bills in January or July, the New York Post reports. Though Con Edison... More »

Man Pays Back Taxes in Pennies

He had to visit 10 banks to do it

(Newser) - The city of Hartford got its most annoying tax payment ever yesterday, when a man showed up with a hand truck full of more than 30,000 pennies. Brian Kiros was furious over his $301.76 tax bill: He’d moved to Vermont a year and a half earlier but... More »

10 Celebs With Tax Problems

Making bundles of cash doesn't guarantee you won't evade

(Newser) - Not too many of us are celebrating Tax Day, but some celebrities are probably even less happy about it than you. The Frisky rounds up 10 who owe back taxes:
  • Pamela Anderson: Perhaps Dancing With the Stars will help her pay some of the $493,144 she owes California.
  • Wesley
... More »

Schwarzenegger Owes $80K in Taxes

Governator didn't pay his taxes in 2004, 2005

(Newser) - We’ve found the Governator’s weakness: paying taxes. Arnold Schwarzenegger owes Uncle Sam $79,064 in back taxes for 2004 and 2005, according to documents filed in LA County Superior Court. Those would be the first two full years of Schwarzenegger’s rule over California. TMZ checked with the... More »

Nicolas Cage Selling Vegas Mansion to Cover Debt

Actor owes IRS $6.6M, is suing former manager

(Newser) - Nicolas Cage must sell his $10 million Las Vegas mansion to help cover the $6.6 million he owes to the IRS in back taxes and penalties. The Nevada estate is just the latest property Cage has been forced to put up for sale to cover his mounting debt, and... More »

Expect Huge Jump in Tax Delinquents: Analysts

Americans frightened, suspicious, evasive

(Newser) - Many more strapped Americans will skip out on tax bills this year, analysts tells Reuters, spending on everyday needs instead. “We’ve seen a huge rise in what we call the rookie delinquent taxpayer,” says one who expects a 280% jump. “They are incredibly scared, and they... More »

Jade's Funeral Date Set

Plus, Rihanna house hunts, and more

(Newser) - The funeral for Jade Goody, the British reality star who died of cervical cancer, will be held April 4, the BBC reports. A funeral procession will go from her house to a nearby church. Elsewhere:
  • Rihanna was spotted house-hunting yesterday in the Hollywood Hills, the Sun reports.
  • Struggling-for-cash Lindsay Lohan
... More »

13 Bailed-Out Banks Owe Back Taxes

Lawmaker uncovers total of at least $220M in unpaid bills

(Newser) - At least 13 of the firms that got billions of dollars from the federal government owe back taxes, and their tab exceeds $220 million, Rep. John Lewis said today. What's more, that could be just the tip of the iceberg, the AP reports. The House Ways and Means subcommittee, which... More »

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