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Startling Key to Saving Soldiers, Trauma Victims: Estrogen?

Preloaded estrogen syringes could be key to halting major blood loss

(Newser) - More than 80% of US soldiers' deaths between 2001 and 2011 were the result of blood loss and septicemia. There's limited time to save trauma victims experiencing significant blood loss—the so-called "golden hour"—and researchers at the University of Alabama have been working for 19 years... More »

NFL Rookie Retiring Over Brain Injury Fears

SF 49er Chris Borland, 24, is leaving the NFL to avoid head trauma

(Newser) - It's a move that Dan Diamond, writing for Forbes , frames as what could be "the beginning of the beginning of the end … for the NFL's reign as the nation's most popular sport." San Francisco 49ers rookie linebacker Chris Borland yesterday told ESPN's Outside ... More »

Girl Run Over While Sunbathing in Driveway Dies

Her sister didn't see her when she opened the garage door and backed up

(Newser) - Marli Hamblin was simply and tragically in the wrong place at the wrong time. The 15-year-old laid out on a blanket in her family's driveway in Syracuse, Utah, to sunbathe Friday, listening to her iPod through headphones, when her older sister, who did not know she was there, opened... More »

Teen Dies Trying to Get iPhone Back From Mugger

Ruby Rubio had promised her mom she'd take care of new phone

(Newser) - Just a week after 15-year-old Ruby Rubio got an iPhone and promised her mother she'd treat the prized possession with care, a mugger snatched it from the girl while she was walking her 7-year-old sister home from school. The teen from Santa Ana, Calif., gave chase and managed to... More »

First MLB Player Diagnosed With Brain Disease

Ryan Freel had Stage 2 CTE, researchers say

(Newser) - So hockey and football players aren't the only ones endangering their brains. Professional baseball player Ryan Freel also had CTE and may have killed himself over it last year, CNN reports. "The real important issue is that he hit his head multiple times—small hits, big hits, in... More »

CTE Rampant Among Those With Frequent Head Trauma

Research points to long-term brain damage

(Newser) - Concern is growing over a link between repeated hits to the head and brain disease—and a new study adds fuel to the fire. Researchers studied donated brain samples from 85 deceased people who'd experienced frequent, mild episodes of traumatic brain injury, and found signs of a certain brain... More »

Protective Parents Could Kill the NFL

How concussion awareness could hit football's talent pipeline

(Newser) - Will the Millennials be the generation that killed pro football? Morley Winograd and Michael Hais, who've written two books on Millennials, think so, because if any generation is going to be scared off by the reports of the long-term risks of the game, it's them. "Millennials are... More »

Lou Gehrig May Not Have Had Lou Gehrig's Disease

Study: ALS is sometimes misdiagnosed

(Newser) - A new study has found that some patients diagnosed with ALS actually suffered from a different fatal disease that affects the central nervous system—and implies that Lou Gehrig himself may not have had ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The study's review of the spinal cords of three... More »

NFL Finally Admits Concussions Cause Damage

League will now support head injury research it has dismissed

(Newser) - The NFL for the first time acknowledged that concussions have long-term effects yesterday, as it announced a plan to donate $1 million or more to head trauma research. “It’s quite obvious from the medical research that’s been done that concussions can lead to long-term problems,” a... More »

Gun Safety Demo Ends in Accidental Suicide

(Newser) - A Phoenix gun-safety advocate accidentally shot himself in the head yesterday while demonstrating gun safety, the Arizona Daily Star reports. The man was explaining to two others the necessity of keeping guns unloaded in the house. To demonstrate, he placed his own gun—which he thought was unloaded—to his... More »

Second-Guessing Lingers After Richardson's Death

(Newser) - Doctors in Quebec, where Natasha Richardson took her fatal ski-slope tumble, have been arguing since the 1990s for emergency air transport that might have saved her life, CNN reports. Care was delayed not only by the slow manifestation of symptoms from the epidural hematoma she suffered, but also by the... More »

Richardson Tragedy Helps Save 7-Year-Old's Life

Parents take 7-year-old in after seeing story on CNN

(Newser) - The tragic death of actress Natasha Richardson from an epidural hematoma has raised awareness of the dangers of seemingly minor head injuries, and helped save the life of a 7-year-old Ohio girl, CNN reports. Morgan McCracken was hit by a baseball while playing with her father, but seemed OK. “... More »

Redgrave Sang Lullaby to Dying Daughter

Legend sang Edelweiss for daughter

(Newser) - Vanessa Redgrave serenaded Natasha Richardson with a lullaby from The Sound of the Music in her final moments, the Daily Mail reports. Redgrave caressed her daughter’s face as she sang the melody from "Edelweiss," which she had performed for Richardson’s first marriage 19 years ago. More »

Mourners Assemble in NY for Richardson Wake

(Newser) - Family and friends assembled in New York today for the wake of Natasha Richardson, the AP reports; husband Liam Neeson, their sons, and mother Vanessa Redgrave were among them. “It’s been a very, very sad few days and I think it will stay that way,” said family... More »

Ambulance Was Turned Away After Richardson Accident

When ambulance was called again, actress 'wasn't in good shape'

(Newser) - Potentially life-saving paramedics were turned away before they could examine Natasha Richardson after the Canadian ski accident that claimed her life, reports the Globe and Mail. Ski patrollers had requested an ambulance after the actress stuck her head in a fall on a beginners slope at Mont Tremblant in Quebec,... More »

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