Queen Victoria

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Royal Knickers Sell for $15K

Anonymous buyer snaps up Queen Victoria's blooming bloomers

(Newser) - A capacious pair of silk bloomers worn by Queen Victoria in the 1860s sold for nearly $15,000 at an auction in Britain—more than three times the estimate. "People who collect royal memorabilia for the Victorian era see underwear as the crowning glory in their collection," a... More »

Blunt Burnishes Lackluster Young Victoria

Actress carries a film that does not depart from genre conventions

(Newser) - Whether they find the film delightful costumed fluff or a dreary museum piece, most critics agree Emily Blunt is lovely as The Young Victoria. Some takes:
  • "Winningly played" by Blunt, Keith Phipps writes for the Onion AV Club , Victoria is "a bright, vivacious, willful, and sometimes rash monarch-in-the-making,
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In Classroom, Twitter Trumps the Queen

Proposed UK curriculum focuses on learning skills, flexibility

(Newser) - Why learn about World War II or Queen Victoria in elementary school when you can always look them up on Wikipedia? That seems to be the rationale behind a new proposed overhaul of the British school system. Because secondary schools teach plenty of history, the reasoning goes, early schooling should... More »

3 Stories