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Beyonce Crashes Karaoke Party... Singing Beyonce

She and Kelly Rowland dance with lucky women

(Newser) - Picture this: You're having a night out with your girlfriends, singing a Beyonce song at a karaoke bar, when in walks ... Beyonce. That's what happened to three women in Miami in the wee hours of yesterday morning, the owner of the karaoke bar tells the Miami New Times... More »

Concertgoer Smacks Beyonce's Butt

'I will have you escorted out right now, alright?' she says

(Newser) - Note to Beyonce concertgoers: probably not a great idea to smack Queen Bey's booty during a show, regardless of how amped up you are. Last night in Copenhagen a man did just that as Beyonce interacted with the audience, and the whole thing was caught on video. "I... More »

Beyonce's Baby to Bathe in $5.2K Crystal-Coated Tub

Kelly Rowland gives quite the gift

(Newser) - If there ever was an infant truly impossible to shop for, it’s the child who will be born to Beyonce and Jay-Z—what baby shower gift can you possibly buy for a couple who already has a $1 million “mom van” and a 2,200-square-foot nursery ? Fortunately... More »

Destiny's 'Third' Child Hits London's West End

Michelle Williams plays Roxie in Chicago

(Newser) - Often labeled “the third one” in Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams is swinging the spotlight her way, the Independent reports, playing Roxy in a production of Chicago in London’s West End. “People just think I’m the quiet one. Or not talented,” Williams says of comparisons... More »

NBC Releases Project Runway to Lifetime

Legal jousting over, show back in summer to face Bravo knockoff

(Newser) - After a nearly season-long hiatus, Project Runway will finally be back on air this summer, the Washington Post reports. In an out-of-court deal, the Weinstein Co. has agreed to pay NBC for allowing the show to move to Lifetime. And—as is common in the fashion world—NBC plans to... More »

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