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Arrogance Will Cost 'Tyrannical' Dems Dearly

Congressional Democrats are ignoring public opinion, writes Fred Barnes

(Newser) - Congressional Democrats appear to have confused having the ability to push through any legislation they want with having a mandate to do so, writes Fred Barnes. The Democrats have abandoned bipartisanship and are going ahead with issues like health care reform and cap and trade despite growing public disapproval, Barnes... More »

Barnes: Obama's an 'Economic IIliterate'

(Newser) - President Obama has big plans for the economy, and that’s too bad because he knows nothing about it, Fred Barnes writes in the Weekly Standard. All of his proposals and angry jabs at Wall Street are counter to his professed interest in growth and job creation. “Obamanomics pays... More »

Obama Boxes Himself In to False Choice on Iran

(Newser) - President Obama talks a lot about "false choices," and he's usually just blowing smoke rhetorically, but now he's got one regarding Iran, writes Fred Barnes in the Weekly Standard. “The president thinks he’s stuck with a dilemma,” Barnes writes: “Either support the democratic forces”... More »

Anti-Biz Obama 'Loathes Profit Motive': Barnes

(Newser) - “Anti-business may be too crude a label” for President Obama, Fred Barnes writes in the Weekly Standard, but America's leader certainly "has a dark view of profits." Surveying Obama's appointments, policies, and remarks about business, Barnes concludes that "Obama loathes the profit motive or at least... More »

Obama Fakes Center, Goes Liberal

(Newser) - If President Obama were a quarterback, he’d be a master of the fake, Fred Barnes writes in the Weekly Standard. Using “misdirection,” he markets “his product—the liberal agenda, plus a few add-ons—in a manner that disguises what he's really up to.” While trumpeting... More »

5 Stories