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96-Year-Old Looking for Heir for His Toilet Seat Museum

Barney Smith has 1,350 decorated toilet seats on display, but it's time for him to pack it in

(Newser) - FOR SALE: One tiny kingdom, with many thrones. But it doesn't come with a title. That belongs to Barney Smith—the undisputed "King of the Commode," reports the AP . "There's a lot of me in there," he says, in front of the garage he'... More »

Source: DNA Shows Inmate Isn't Prince's Son

He claimed he was entitled to $300 million estate

(Newser) - DNA test results show a Colorado prison inmate is not Prince's son, a source who has seen a sealed document in the case tells the AP . The finding means that Carlin Q. Williams is not entitled to inherit a fortune worth up to $300 million. TMZ , citing unnamed sources... More »

Convict Claims He Is Prince's Son, Rightful Heir

He says his mom had wine and sex with Prince at a hotel in Missouri

(Newser) - It was only a matter of time. A 39-year-old man has come forward claiming to be Prince's "sole surviving heir" after the music superstar died last month, seemingly without a will, ABC News reports. According to WCCO , Carlin Williams of Kansas City is the first person to claim... More »

In Jinx Finale, Heir Says He 'Killed Them All'

Bathroom 'confession' aired a day after Durst arrest

(Newser) - High drama on HBO last night: In the final moments of the documentary series The Jinx, New York real estate heir Robert Durst appears to confess to three murders. After documentary makers presented him with a letter linking him to the 2000 murder of his friend Susan Berman, Durst went... More »

Cops Nab Heir Depicted in HBO's The Jinx

Robert Durst busted in New Orleans last night

(Newser) - In something of a made-for-TV ending, cops in New Orleans arrested cross-dressing real estate heir Robert Durst last night on a warrant from the Los Angeles Police Department, reports the Times-Picayune . Durst is the suspect in three killings, including the 2003 murder and dismemberment of neighbor Morris Black in Texas,... More »

Spoiled Monkey Named Couple's Sole Heir

Ostracized pair say Chunmun is like son they never had

(Newser) - Indian couple Brajesh and Shabista Srivastava consider their pet monkey to be the son they never had. Purchased as a baby for $8 roughly a decade ago, Chunmun the monkey has helped erase the loneliness the childless couple felt after being shunned by their families over their inter-faith marriage, the... More »

Possible Heir to Recluse's Fortune Is Found Dead

Kids stumble on Timothy Henry Gray, frozen to death

(Newser) - The messy estate of reclusive millionaire Huguette Clark took a sad turn today when a possible heir to her fortune was found frozen beneath an overpass in Wyoming, NBC News reports. Children sledding in Evanston, a small mining town, discovered 60-year-old Timothy Henry Gray dead from hypothermia in freezing temperatures.... More »

British Throne's 'True Heir' Dead at 71

Some historians believe Mike Hastings had a claim to the crown

(Newser) - The rightful heir to the British throne may have just died in Australia. Some historians considered Mike Hastings, the 14th earl of Loudoun, to be the true heir, descended as he was from the House of York. The AFP reports that the claim stems from documents uncovered by one historian... More »

Meet the Woman Who Would Be Queen ... if 4,972 Die

Karin Vogel doesn't really want the job anyway

(Newser) - Karin Vogel lives in Germany, works as a therapist, skipped the Buckingham Palace tour on her one trip to the UK, and has no plans to watch Friday's royal wedding—but if 4,972 people die, she would be Queen of England. According to some genealogists, the 38-year-old is... More »

Charles Has Now Waited Longest to Ascend Throne

So ... congrats?

(Newser) - Prince Charles may be just No. 10 when it comes to good-looking royals , but he's No. 1 in another area: being next in line to the British throne. He set the record yesterday, at which point he had been the heir apparent for 59 years, two months, and 14... More »

Inside the Nasty Getty Divorce

Spousal support could be hundreds of thousands a month

(Newser) - Peter and Jacqui Getty enjoyed a posh, globetrotting life—the kind of life that included matching Mercedes S500s and a $1 million bed. Now they are embroiled in an equally epic divorce, one of Hollywood’s worst. “It’s like Dynasty, California edition,” one friend tells the Daily... More »

Ansel Adams' Family Sues Museum Over Prints

Fresno Met trying to sell prints to pay off debt

(Newser) - Ansel Adams’ family is suing the bankrupt Fresno Metropolitan Museum over its attempts to auction off six prints the photographer donated before he died. The museum closed in January and is now furiously trying to sell off artwork to pay off its estimated $4 million in debt. But Adams' relatives... More »

Fortune of Asia's Richest Woman Goes to Charity

Billions go to trust, not her feng shui lover

(Newser) - Following a twisted series of sometimes bizarre court battles dating back to the '90s, a Hong Kong court today ruled that the $4.2 billion estate of Asia's richest woman will go to a charitable trust—and not to her feng shui master lover. Tony Chan claimed Nina Wang carried... More »

In Estate Planning, Take a Lesson From MJ

He knew what he was doing—and we should follow his example

(Newser) - Michael Jackson wasn't known for his financial prudence, but he got one thing right: his estate planning, writes Jane Bennett Clark for Kiplinger. Here’s how to follow his good example:
  • Write a will: Two-thirds of Americans don’t. Jackson’s is concrete: His kids get 40% of his
... More »

Korean Chef Offers Glimpse of 'Lil' Kim'

Jong-Il's heir unlikely to have dad's clout

(Newser) - Little is known about the young man expected to succeed Kim Jong-Il as leader of North Korea, and what analysts do know has been gleaned from a book by the ruler’s former chef, the New York Times reports. Kim Jong-Un is the youngest of three sons and most like... More »

N. Korean Successor Likes Michael Jordan

(Newser) - News that Kim Jong Il has settled on his youngest son as eventual successor begs the question, what's the new guy like? Details are predictably scarce, but from his days at a Swiss boarding school, where he befriended the kids of US diplomats, we know that 26-year-old Kim Jong Un... More »

Battle Over Hong Kong Billionaire's Will Turns Bizarre

(Newser) - The legal battle over the fortune of late billionaire Nina “Little Sweetie” Wang has gotten a little… odd, the Wall Street Journal reports. Tony Chan, a bartender-turned-feng shui master, says he carried on a passionate 15-year-affair with the pigtailed tycoon, and that she left him everything—including her pigtails.... More »

Son 'Manhandled Astor to Change Will': Prosecutor

Anthony Marshall exploited mom's dementia to funnel fortune to him, says prosecutor.

(Newser) - Brooke Astor's son "dragged" his frail mom from her nurse's arms to a closed-door meeting about her will, which was immediately changed in his favor, according to the prosecutor at the heir's  fraud and grand larceny trial yesterday in New York. Anthony Marshall exploited his vulnerable mother's dementia to... More »

New Site Helps Control Your Digital Legacy

(Newser) - How much is your digital self worth to you? At least one new website is betting it’s enough that you might want to pass on that value after you die, Mashable reports. Legacy Locker, which launches today, allows you to designate caretakers to take control of your YouTube videos,... More »

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