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Portland Thieves Take Off With Tofu Truck

Vehicle was eventually found—but not the tofu or organic juice that was inside

(Newser) - In what could be the most Portland crime ever, the hapless driver of a refrigerated truck for a Seattle natural-foods wholesaler reported his tofu-laden vehicle stolen Tuesday, the Oregonian reports. The driver made a morning stop at a Safeway, but came back out after 20 minutes or so to find... More »

PETA to Turkey, Texas: Change Name to 'Tofurky'

Animal rights group promises vegan feast for all residents if city complies

(Newser) - Apparently, going after a video game character wasn’t the only publicity stunt this week: Now PETA has petitioned Turkey, Texas, to rename itself … wait for it … "Tofurky." Of course, the change would just be for Thanksgiving, explains the animal rights group in a letter to... More »

Tennessee Has Issue With 'ILVTOFU' License Plate

Whitney Calk loves bean curd, not f-ing people

(Newser) - Whitney Calk loves her bean curd, so much so that the Tennessee woman wanted to proclaim her vegetarian ways by way of a personalized license plate: ILVTOFU. That's I-LV-TOFU. The state, and its less-pure mind, read her message as I-LV-TO-F-U, and denied it because of its "vulgarity."... More »

How We Get bin Laden: KFC's New Double Down

It's a bacon and cheese sandwich, except with fried chicken instead of bread!

(Newser) - Fed up with all haute cuisine? Foodie babble? An organic garden at the White House? KFC looks to have just what you need in the Double Down, a bacon and cheese sandwich in which the bread is replaced by fried chicken fillets! “Forget food porn,” Scott Gold writes... More »

ILVTOFU Plate Too Spicy for Colo. DMV

(Newser) - A Colorado woman who wanted to advertise her vegan diet with an ILVTOFU vanity license plate is out of luck, the Denver Post reports. The state’s DMV maintains a list of banned letter combinations, of which FU is one. “We don’t allow ‘FU’ because some people... More »

5 Stories