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Health Clubs: Pretty Darn Dangerous

Five potential pitfalls lurking at the gym

(Newser) - So it’s almost 2011 and you’re determined to put that gym membership to good use. That’s great, but what about all the hidden dangers lurking in health clubs? The Washington Post offers some tips for how to protect yourself from…
  • Skin infections: These can be spread through
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NY's Disco Gym Is So Fab

Work out? Nah. It's got a DJ and paisley walls!

(Newser) - Madison Moore can’t stand gyms. They’re “so unfabulous,” and “nothing looks hot in that rotisserie-chicken light,” he writes on Splice Today. But what if a nightclub/gym hybrid existed? “Only in New York” could Moore find David Barton Gym, where the slogan is “... More »

Pa. Gym, Va. Tech Shooters Shopped on Same Website

Site rep: This proves people need to protect themselves

(Newser) - The Pennsylvania health club shooter and the Virginia Tech killer purchased gun equipment from the same website, WPXI Pittsburgh reports. George Sodini bought accessories from TGSCOM, which sold a gun to Seung-Hui Cho. “We deal with police and government agencies as customers,” said a rep for the firm,... More »

Cancer Fears Drive Fitness Buffs Indoors

Dermatologists warn on workouts in the sun

(Newser) - Health experts warn us to keep fit while also pestering us to beware of the sun's damaging rays. The solution, for many: indoor workouts. “I refuse to exercise outdoors,” one avid stationary cyclist tells the Boston Globe. She said she considers the sun a harbinger of cancer, not... More »

Recession-Hit Gym Rats Find Cheaper Ways to Work Out

Home exercise takes off in lean times

(Newser) - Americans trying to cut back on both flab and expenditures are finding ways to go without costly gym memberships and exercise equipment, reports the Wall Street Journal. Sales of exercise DVDs and simple exercise equipment like yoga mats are booming. Experts say fitness is more important than ever in a... More »

5 Stories