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Microsoft, NBC Breakup Complete now

(Newser) - The long-rumored media breakup has finally come to pass: NBC News and Microsoft have called it quits on joint venture, reports the New York Times . Sixteen years after the pioneering partnership began, NBC parent company Comcast bought out Microsoft's 50% stake, reportedly for $300 million. Indeed, trips... More »

Hidden 'Supercookies' Stalk Users, Steal History

New techniques 'almost impossible' to detect

(Newser) - Privacy-conscious consumers have yet another thing to worry about in the ongoing battle over online security: supercookies. Unlike regular cookies that track a user's online activities, supercookies are much harder to locate and delete, and are able to reformulate a user profile even after that user deleted his regular... More »

EU Takes Aim at Search Engines Over Personal Data

Companies should delete users' info within six months, advisory group says

(Newser) - A European advisory body has sharply criticized Internet search companies’ use of personal data, the BBC reports. Its recommendations, likely to be adopted by the European Commission, say search companies should delete users’ information within six months. The opinion comes alongside reports of a new kind of computer cookie that... More »

Departing Gates Plays Tired Tune at Vegas Show

Critic sees lame-duck Microsoft boss coming up short on new ideas

(Newser) - Bill Gates' last speech to the Consumer Electronics Show as Microsoft chairman left the audience underwhelmed, New York Times blogger Saul Hansell reports. Gates had few exciting new developments to report and instead chose to speak of the "digital decade"—hardly breaking news for the audience at a... More »

Big Guns Battle Video Sharing With Free TV Shows

Copyright-protected content will be available for free online in new NBC-News Corp. partnernship

(Newser) - TV biggies NBC Universal and News Corp. are teaming up to hit YouTube with the full force of their their combined TV content, offered online for free. Starting this summer, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft's MSN and News Corp. subsidiary MySpace will hope to win over internet users (and the advertising that... More »

5 Stories