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Teen Girl's Bleeding Eyes Are Ruining Her Life

And doctors are stumped

(Newser) - Marnie-Rae Harvey isn't a James Bond villain. She's just a typical 17-year-old British woman who happens to regularly bleed from her eyes—as well as her ears, fingernails, tongue, nose, and scalp, Cosmopolitan UK reports. But the really scary thing is no one knows why it's happening.... More »

Why Do Only Certain Ebola Patients Bleed?

Doctors don't know why only 18% in West Africa outbreak exhibited this symptom

(Newser) - Ask random folks on the street what the symptoms of Ebola are, and bleeding from every bodily orifice is the one that's likely to be stuck in their minds—probably because other symptoms (including fever, muscle pain, weakness, and headache, notes the CDC ) aren't quite as visually... More »

Anti-Bleeding Drug Could Save Lives in the ER

100,000 trauma patients could benefit

(Newser) - A drug used to slow bleeding during surgery could save the lives of scores of trauma patients if used in emergency rooms, a new study suggests. UK researchers found that the drug tranexamic acid reduced bleeding deaths among trauma patients by a sixth, HealthDay reports. As 600,000 such patients... More »

Aspirin Harmful for Healthy People: Study

(Newser) - Healthy people shouldn’t be taking aspirin, according to a new study. The drug doesn’t actually reduce the risk of heart attack, as many of the “worried well” have long believed, British scientists told a medical conference, but it does nearly double the risk they’ll be hospitalized... More »

Cop May Have Caused Death at G20 Protest

(Newser) - A second autopsy of the man who died during recent G20 protests in London revealed that abdominal bleeding, not a heart attack, killed him, the New York Times reports. The follow-up by a board looking into police misconduct did not specify what caused the bleeding. But Ian Tomlinson was filmed... More »

5 Stories