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Save Money: Join Cult of the Somewhat Delayed

Live two years in the past and watch your savings grow

(Newser) - Times are tough, and there's only one sure way to save money in the modern world: Live 2 years in the past. So says Lore Sjoberg, who's starting his very own Cult of the Somewhat Delayed. "If you subsist entirely on 2-year-old entertainment, and the corresponding 2-year-old technology used... More »

Hard Times Send Books Straight to Paperback

Cheaper books lose 'second-best' reputation

(Newser) - With customers watching their wallets, publishers are pinning their hopes this year on trade paperback books—not super-cheap mass-market paperbacks, but not hardcovers either, USA Today reports. And critics and authors who once disdained the format are warming to it. “I realized that I really want as many people... More »

2 Stories