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More Than 100 Walk Out of Shocking Cannes Premiere

Matt Dillon plays serial killer in von Trier's latest

(Newser) - Lars von Trier is back at the Cannes film festival, seven years after he was banned for declaring he was a Nazi —and the Danish director is as controversial as ever. His new serial-killer drama, The House That Jack Built, prompted more than 100 people to walk out of... More »

Inspired by #metoo, Bjork Specifies Alleged Harassment

This time she makes clear it was a 'Danish director'

(Newser) - "Let's break this curse," writes Bjork, in what is a second post about the sexual harassment she alleges to have received at the hands of a director who she has yet to name, but who she signals is Lars von Trier. In a Tuesday Facebook post , she... More »

Bjork: Director Harassed Me, Had 'Impressive Net of Illusion'

She doesn't name Dane she accuses of sexual harassment, but it appears to be Lars von Trier

(Newser) - As women continue to come forward with sexual assault accusations against Harvey Weinstein , Icelandic singer Bjork has emerged with a revelation of her own regarding "my experience with a Danish director," reports Rolling Stone . On her Facebook page Sunday, Bjork said she'd been "inspired" by all... More »

Shia LaBeouf Gets Nutty at Nymphomaniac Premiere

Movie star wears an 'I am not famous' bag on his head

(Newser) - Ah, Shia: Known plagiarist and head-butter (oh, and actor ) Shia LaBeouf stormed out of a press conference in Germany today and later walked a red carpet while wearing a paper bag on his head, TMZ reports. Ten minutes into the Berlin press conference for his new fim, Lars von... More »

Lars von Trier: Actually, I'm Not Sorry for Hitler Joke

'You can't be sorry about something that's fundamentally you,' he tells GQ

(Newser) - Lars von Trier apologized almost immediately for calling himself a Nazi and claiming to sympathize with Adolf Hitler at Cannes this year, but it turns out the Danish film director is actually not sorry. “To say I'm sorry for what I said is to say I'm sorry... More »

Iran Blasts Cannes for Punishing Director Von Trier

His Nazi jokes are a form of free speech, says letter

(Newser) - Iran is suddenly all about free speech, criticizing the decision of the Cannes Film Festival to ban Nazi-joking director Lars von Trier. Iran's deputy culture minister wrote that Cannes had smirched its history and rendered its claims to defend free speech "a meaningless slogan." Cannes declared von... More »

Malick's Tree of Life Wins Palme d'Or

Kirsten Dunst takes top acting prize for Von Trier film

(Newser) - Terrence Malick's expansive drama The Tree of Life won the top honor at the Cannes Film Festival today, while Kirsten Dunst took the best-actress prize for the apocalyptic saga Melancholia. The Palme d'Or prize was accepted by two Tree of Life producers for the notoriously press-shy Malick, who... More »

Lars von Trier: I Love Being 'Persona Non Grata'

But he's sorry for the Hitler schtick

(Newser) - Lars von Trier is truly sorry he joked about being a Nazi —but he's not all that sad he's been kicked out of Cannes . "I must say, `persona non grata' is a wonderful word," the former Palme d'Or winner tells the AP . "It... More »

Lars Von Trier Banned From Cannes

Festival organizers declare him 'a person non grata'

(Newser) - Lars Von Trier may have apologized for his bizarre “Nazi” comments during yesterday’s Melancholia press conference, but the Cannes Film Festival organizers apparently don’t care. After a special Board of Directors meeting today, they issued a formal announcement labeling Von Trier “a persona non grata at... More »

Director Lars Von Trier Apologizes for 'Nazi' Joke

'I understand Hitler,' he said, deadpan, at news conference

(Newser) - The always controversial Danish director Lars von Trier really pulled out all the stops at his Cannes press conference today, calling himself a Nazi and claiming to sympathize with Adolf Hitler. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the whole thing appeared to be a joke, albeit an uncomfortable one, as the... More »

10 Buzziest Cannes Films

The latest from Woody Allen, Gus Van Sant, Pedro Almodóvar, and more

(Newser) - Cannes kicks off on Wednesday, and the Daily Beast rounds up 10 of the most buzzed-about movies featured at the 64th annual film festival:
  • The Tree of Life: From filmmaker Terrence Malick, the story of a Texas boy (played in adulthood by Sean Penn) torn between the worldviews of his
... More »

Brutal Antichrist a Torture-Porn Nightmare

It's von Trier's masterpiece, or misogynistic tripe

(Newser) - Some critics call it a cinematic masterpiece, others say it's little more than a snuff film. But everyone agrees: Antichrist, the latest from Danish provocateur Lars von Trier, is unforgettable.
  • The film's scenes of brutal sex and violence are "undeniably shocking,"  writes Andrew O'Hehir of Salon,
... More »

Haneke's White Ribbon Wins Palme d'Or

(Newser) - Michael Haneke’s The White Ribbon took the top prize at Cannes today, while Lars Von Triers’ controversial Antichrist was vindicated with a Best Actress award for Charlotte Gainsbourg, the AP reports. French film A Prophet won second place, with Fish Tank and Thirst tying for third. Christoph Waltz took... More »

Antichrist Shocks Cannes

Controversial film drew gasps, boos

(Newser) - Lars von Trier’s Antichrist quickly became the most talked-about film at Cannes, eliciting audience reactions that ran the gamut from laughter to applause to boos at its screening last night, Reuters reports. The film, which one critic called “offensive,” features graphic sexual mutilation and a talking fox,... More »

Basterds Headlines Cannes

(Newser) - The Cannes Film Festival unveiled this year’s roster today, and it’s packed with regulars like Ang Lee, Pedro Almodovar, and Terry Gilliam, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Among the most buzzed-about selections is Inglourious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino’s violent World War II pic. Anticipation is also high for ... More »

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