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Why Justin Timberlake Dressed Up as a Lime

He offers up a very strange promo video for his tequila brand

(Newser) - Justin Timberlake will go to great lengths to sell his tequila . Sauza 901's tagline is "no limes needed," and Timberlake recently released a 3-minute mockumentary promoting the brand ... featuring Timberlake in costume as a lime, Time reports. The lime recalls the good old days when limes were... More »

Surprise! JT's Tequila Is Good

Self-described 'tequila geeks' give pop star's creation thumbs-up

(Newser) - Tequila aficionados were shocked to discover Justin Timberlake’s 901 tequila is in fact quite drinkable, the New York Daily News reports. “It’s actually a really nice product,” said one bar owner. A bartender added, “I gotta admit, I’m a little surprised.” The experts... More »

2 Stories