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Company Email: Strippers Are No Longer Free

Under Armour adapts to the #MeToo world

(Newser) - Note to Under Armour employees: Your strip-club bills will no longer be reimbursed. That's among the changes at the Baltimore-based sports apparel company amid reports of top execs' chauvinistic behavior—including parties with go-go dancers and strip-club outings with athletes and co-workers, the Wall Street Journal reports. "Our... More »

Facebook to Employees: Take Time to Grieve

Extends paid bereavement leave to 20 days for immediate family, 10 days for extended

(Newser) - When Sheryl Sandberg's husband, Dave Goldberg, died unexpectedly nearly two years ago, the Facebook executive's life was completely upended. During her time away from work as she mourned, she realized how important it was for her to be spending that time with her children. "Amid the nightmare... More »

7 of the Best Employee Perks

Wait—pet insurance?!

(Newser) - Sure, love what you do—but the pay and benefits don't hurt, either. Glassdoor checked out companies that offer unusual perks beyond unlimited vacation time and casual Fridays, and it found a bunch that have entered "legendary status" for benefits that offer "ingenuity, uniqueness, or life-changing potential.... More »

Work Here, Get a Free Tesla

The ultimate job perk?

(Newser) - If you're planning to apply for one of 10 open positions at startup Practichem, expect plenty of competition. The scientific instruments maker based in Raleigh, NC, says it will lease Tesla Model 3s for each of its more than 15 full-time staff members, plus new recruits. It's a... More »

College Presidents Live in 'Fantasy World' of Perks

Illinois report says taxpayers are getting ripped off

(Newser) - Country club memberships, car allowances, and huge severance packages may sound like fringe benefits a Wall Street investment banker would enjoy, but in this case it's describing the lifestyles of community college and university presidents in Illinois. A state Senate panel report obtained by the Chicago Tribune says these... More »

Here's How Much We're Paying for Congress' Cars

63 House members spend $461,330 a year on auto leases

(Newser) - When the House voted against raising its own pay last week, it also quietly voted to keep a cherished perk: taxpayer-funded car leases. Rep. Rich Nugent had offered an amendment to disallow the practice, but it lost by 20 votes, the Washington Post reports. "Today, members of Congress can... More »

Airline to Offer 3-Room Suites, With Butler

Just $21K from Abu Dhabi to London ... one way

(Newser) - If you typically eye first-class longingly as you make your way to your cramped coach seat with its total absence of unfilled overhead space, you may want to stop reading. A Mideast carrier plans to offer a much, much tonier experience than first-class for those who can afford it: airline... More »

Twitter Hauls Log Cabins From Montana to SF Office

Employees will soon be able to dine inside them

(Newser) - The tech world is lousy with impressive employee perks , but this is certainly a unique entry in the category: Twitter employees will soon be able to eat lunch in one of two century-old Montana log cabins. As the San Francisco Chronicle explains, the cabins were taken apart and shipped this... More »

To Curb M&M-Gobbling Workers, Google Chews Data

Company uses analysis to cut 3.1M calories in 7 weeks

(Newser) - Should you ever doubt Google's analytical prowess, just re-read this article. The Washington Post takes a look at Project M&M, which is exactly what you think it couldn't possibly be: the company's analysis of its employees' perceived over-consumption of the free candy, to the detriment of... More »

O'Reilly Goes to Bat for Obama, Hits Bachmann

Fox host criticizes her 'small ball' attacks on president

(Newser) - With Michele Bachmann attacking President Obama for his "lifestyle of excess," the White House found a surprising defender yesterday—Bill O'Reilly. The Fox News host called out Bachmann for "small ball" attacks that are more than a little factually challenged and that "trivialize" much more... More »

Finally, at Tim Cook's Apple: Perks

Things are getting a little rosier for employees

(Newser) - One big change at Apple under Tim Cook: The company is much more open to employee perks. Steve Jobs famously resisted perks common to other Silicon Valley companies, like free lunches, because he thought the chance to work at such an influential company was reason enough for employees to stay.... More »

13 Companies That Offer Amazing Perks

On-site gyms, wine bars, and more ... prepare to be jealous

(Newser) - There are impressive employers, and then there are impressive employers. These go above and beyond by bestowing much more than just a paycheck on their (we're guessing appreciative) employees. Fortune lists the best in professional perks:
  • Chesapeake Energy: There's no need to go far to work on looking good. This
... More »

Google Employees' Latest Perk: Servants

It's all part of the tech giant's attempt to woo the best and the brightest

(Newser) - Should you need a reason to hate your job a little bit more, get a load of the latest perk Google is offering its employees: "runners" (or, as Gawker helpfully identifies them, "servants") who can empty the trash, scrub the bathroom, or do any other pesky chore... More »

Taxpayers Send $40K a Month to Ex-speaker, Now Lobbyist

Dennis Hastert gets paid by both sides

(Newser) - Taxpayers are doling out more than $40,000 a month to pay for Dennis Hastert’s office, staff, cell phone, SUV, and satellite TV subscriptions—even though the ex-speaker of the House now works as a lobbyist. It’s a troubling situation, ethics experts tell Politico , because though the law... More »

Lawmakers Get Sweet Deal on World Series Tix

Critics say face-value tickets should count as a gift

(Newser) - Federal lawmakers have been getting tickets to sold-out World Series through a perk that has some ethicists crying foul. Some 75 tickets for this series have been sold to 15 lawmakers and their aides at face value by Major League Baseball and the teams. No ethics rules are being broken... More »

White House Denies Giving Perks to Donors

GOP wants an investigation after newspaper report

(Newser) - White House officials are engaging in damage control after GOP Chairman Michael Steele accused the Obama administration of offering selected donors perks in exchange for big contributions. Steele’s charges stem from a Washington Times report today claiming that DNC contributors who give $30,400 or bundle $300,000 get... More »

Bailed-Out Banks Boost CEO Perks

From private jets to bodyguards, they just keep taking

(Newser) - The CEOs of bailed-out banks and financial companies saw their perks and benefits—ranging from private jet use and country club membership to free parking and bodyguards—rise even at the height of the crisis last year. On average, the CEOs of the 29 biggest companies that received federal money... More »

Sweeter Perks Make Up for Falling CEO Pay

Free bodyguards, life insurance, travel rise despite public outcry

(Newser) - While average CEO compensation dropped 7% in 2008, packages of fringe benefits rose by the same amount, the AP reports. Higher-ups at big companies received perks that ranged from a personal car (complete with driver) to free life insurance to flights on the company jet. One CEO received $400,000... More »

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