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UK Times Sues Lance Armstrong for $1.6M

Remember that time you sued for libel over doping allegations?

(Newser) - Britain's Sunday Times once paid Lance Armstrong $485,000 to settle a libel lawsuit over doping allegations, and it would like its money back: In more bad news for the disgraced cycling champ, the Times has filed legal paperwork "demanding a return of the settlement payment plus interest,... More »

Murdoch's News Corp Wanted Editors to Lobby

Emails show execs considered idea amid B-Sky-B deal: ProPublica

(Newser) - In his testimony before a government panel in Britain today, Rupert Murdoch insisted that his News Corp "never pushed our commercial interests in our newspapers." But as ProPublica reports, the company at least entertained the idea of using the top editors at two leading papers—Wall Street Journal ... More »

James Murdoch Quits Times, Sun Boards

Move prompts questions over papers' future

(Newser) - James Murdoch has unexpectedly quit as a director at both the Times and Sun newspapers amid continued phone-hacking fallout. News International CEO Tom Mockridge is taking over Murdoch’s positions, leaving no Murdochs on the British papers’ boards; that prompts London’s Evening Standard to question News Corp’s plans... More »

Twitter Campaign: Boycott Murdoch

Will Fox News, NY Post get swept up in exploding scandal fallout?

(Newser) - Could Fox News and the New York Post get swept up in the fallout from the News of the World scandal? Determined Twitter and Facebook campaigns are urging the boycott of all Rupert Murdoch operations in the wake of the burgeoning phone hacking scandal at the shuttered British newspaper. Boycottmurdoch... More »

Gordon Brown: Murdoch Papers Hacked Me, Too

Sun , Sunday Times took bank, health records, says source

(Newser) - Add Gordon Brown to the list of those allegedly hacked by News Corp employees. The former British PM believes journalists from multiple Rupert Murdoch-owned papers illegally accessed his bank information and his phone messages, a source close to Brown tells CNN . That led to a story in the Sun about... More »

Times to Iran Woman: Sorry About Lashing

But blasts Tehran's 'pretext' in punishing Ashtiani

(Newser) - As if getting sentenced to death by stoning isn't bad enough: The Times of London is apologizing today to the Iranian woman who got an additional 99 lashes after the newspaper wrongly identified her as a bareheaded woman in a photo. The newspaper previously issued a correction, but today denounced... More »

Paywall Drives Off 98.8% of Times Readers

Former employee reports that only 15K have agreed to pay

(Newser) - What has putting up a paywall done for the folks at the Times? Driven away most of their readers, predictably. Only 150,000 signed up for “Times+” accounts, and only 15,000 of them actually agreed to pay when their free trial ran out, according to an unconfirmed report... More »

Murdoch to Block Search Behind New Paywall

UK Times stories will be invisible, unless you've paid

(Newser) - The Times of London and Sunday Times aren't just going behind a paywall, they're going behind a pay fortress. The papers won't allow their stories to appear on Google or any other search engines, paidContent.org reports. Search engines will have access only to their homepages. Nor will there be... More »

Berlusconi Slaps European Papers With Libel Suits

Lawyers probe 'cases of real, true defamation'

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi is suing Italian and foreign media outlets for libel regarding his personal life, Reuters reports. “We have instructed our colleagues to evaluate, according to the laws in their countries, the most serious cases of real, true defamation,” said the Italian PM's lawyer. Berlusconi’s legal team... More »

London Paper Is Murdoch's Paywall Test Ground

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch will test out his new pay-to-read Internet model this November, when News Corp launches a stand-alone website for Britain's Sunday Times. According to the Guardian, the site will feature "communities editors" and its own team of journalists. It's unclear whether users will pay a subscription or... More »

Murdoch: I'll Charge for News Sites Within Year

New York Post , London Times may join Journal behind pay wall

(Newser) - If you think you can get your newspaper online for free, you can just think again, says News Corp honcho Rupert Murdoch, who plans to charge for access to his papers' websites "within the next 12 months" in an attempt to fix a "malfunctioning" business model. Murdoch... More »

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