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Catholic Group: Stop Drinking Guinness

Catholic League clamors for boycott after parade pull-out

(Newser) - The St. Patrick's Day parades are certainly over, but the controversy is still brewing—just like the stout at least one Catholic group wants the faithful to stop drinking. After Guinness, Sam Adams, and Heineken withdrew from parades that barred marchers from carrying pro-gay signs in New York City... More »

Delta Drops Daily Show Amid 'Vagina Manger' Furor

Catholics declare victory

(Newser) - Delta Airlines has decided to pull its ads from the Daily Show, prompting a round of gloating from the Catholic League, BuzzFeed reports. The Catholic League is still angry about a bit last month in which Stewart joked that if women wanted to get Fox News to take the "... More »

Catholic League Threatens Daily Show Boycott

Jon Stewart used racy Nativity scene in bit attacking Fox News

(Newser) - Jon Stewart's attempt to tweak Fox News earlier this week has the Catholic League threatening to organize a boycott of his Daily Show. Leaders are furious about a bit that aired Monday that strategically placed a Nativity scene over a naked woman's private parts. It was part of... More »

Catholics Blast Nicki Minaj's Grammy Stunt

Catholic League: Academy would never allow similar insult to Judaism, Islam

(Newser) - Madonna might've been down on her creaky old knees at the Super Bowl , but hell hath no fury like the Catholic League today over Nicki Minaj's religious-themed, stunt-laden appearance at last night's Grammy Awards. The League today issued a press release titled, "Is Nicki Minaj Possessed?"... More »

Smithsonian Could Lose Funding Over Jesus Video

Warhol Foundation wants video restored

(Newser) - The Smithsonian Institution could lose some of its funding over the uproar that ensued after the National Portrait Gallery removed a controversial video. The video by David Wojnarowicz, featuring ants crawling on a crucifix, was pulled after complaints by the Catholic League and some House Republicans. The Andy Warhol Foundation,... More »

Ant-Covered Crucifix Video Moves to NYC, Critics Follow

Battle moves from DC

(Newser) - A battle over an ant-covered crucifix has moved to New York City. The Smithsonian bowed to pressure by top Republicans John Boehner and Eric Cantor, and dumped an art exhibit video showing ants crawling over a crucifix. The "Fire in My Belly" exhibit, by artist David Wojnarowicz, who died... More »

Vatican: Pope Deserves Praise, Not Scorn

Cardinal criticizes New York Times, defends pontiff

(Newser) - The Vatican defended Pope Benedict's handling of long-ago abuse cases, lashed out at the New York Times for coverage “deficient by any reasonable standards of fairness,” and said the pontiff actually deserved praise instead of condemnation. “We owe Pope Benedict a great debt of gratitude for introducing... More »

Elton John: Jesus Was Gay

Catholic League: No he wasn't

(Newser) - Elton John talks about love, drugs, and fame in a new interview but it's his take on a "gay Jesus" that's cranking up the Christian right to a frothing frenzy. "I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems," the singer tells Parade... More »

Catholics Cross Over Joanna Krupa's Nude PETA Ad

Dancing With the Stars alum uses a crucifix in a way it was not intended

(Newser) - The Catholic League and PETA: Both are pretty set in their ways, making Joanna Krupa’s racy, cross-bearing ad for the animal rights organization a perfect storm of controversy. The League isn’t happy that the Playboy model “exploits Christian symbols” by appearing as a nude angel covered only... More »

Catholics Rip Larry for Whizzing on Jesus

Urine taken for 'miraculous tears' by Curb characters

(Newser) - The US Catholic League has complained about an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that shows Larry David accidentally urinating on a painting of Jesus hanging in a bathroom. Other characters then think the painting is miraculously crying. "Was Larry David always this crude?" asked angry league president Bill Donahue.... More »

Chocolate Christ Show Cancelled

New York gallery pulls sculpture after Catholic outcry

(Newser) - A  nude chocolate Christ, sans loincloth, was pulled from a midtown Manhattan gallery yesterday after torrent of complaints from offended Catholics . Bill Donohue, head of the watchdog Catholic League, which orchestrated the protest, said the sculpture, intended for display during Holy Week,  was "one of the worst assaults... More »

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