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America's Nuke Program Runs on Floppy Disks

And not even the tiny ones

(Newser) - To anyone born after 1995, the floppy disk is better known as that thing that resembles the "save" icon. To the Pentagon, it's the gizmo that controls America's nukes. A report from the Government Accountability Office finds US government agencies spend $60 billion a year operating and... More »

What About a N. Korea Nuke Deal? Pyongyang Reacts

'We do not have any interest at all,' says rep

(Newser) - US officials wondering whether the landmark nuclear deal with Iran would make North Korea reconsider its own nuclear program have their answer: Absolutely not. Though North Korea, like its ally Iran, is sanctioned by the US, EU, and UN, a foreign ministry rep for Pyongyang says its development of nuclear... More »

Saudis Say They'll Keep Up With Iran in Nuke War

Obama meeting with Arab leaders today to assure them of Middle East security

(Newser) - President Obama is convening with six Arab leaders today at Camp David, hoping to assure them that a deal between the West and Iran to contain the latter country's nuclear efforts won't compromise the security of the Middle East. But the Saudis already seem to be balking, announcing... More »

North Korea's Reactor Reboot Has Begun: Report

Construction can be seen in satellite photos: Think tank

(Newser) - Looks like North Korea may be making good on at least one of its threats: After saying it would restart its Yongbyon nuclear reactor , it has apparently launched construction on the site, according to a US think tank. The construction appears visible in a March 27 satellite image of Yongbyon,... More »

Why Some US Leaders Want a North Korea Nuke Test

May offer much-needed glimpse at Pyongyang's capabilities

(Newser) - A North Korean nuclear test sounds 100% bad, right? Not according to some US intelligence officials, who the New York Times reports would like to see it happen. Their reasoning is simple: A test would offer a rare opportunity to assess Pyongyang's nuclear advancements. It's been years since... More »

Worried US Nuke Lab Ditches Chinese Parts

Computer components were made by Huawei-affiliated company

(Newser) - In a national security move, a top US nuclear facility has replaced at least two computer parts after learning that they were Chinese-made. The systems at Los Alamos National Laboratory, which maintains our nuclear weapon stockpile, used some network switches created by China-based H3C; the switches control data flow. H3C... More »

Iranians 'Confess' to Killing Nuclear Scientists

Suspects describe their alleged training in Israel

(Newser) - Iranian state TV aired apparent confessions yesterday from more than a dozen suspects in the killings of Iranian nuclear scientists, but left their legal process unexplained, the Guardian reports. Among the 14 suspects, some re-enacted the murders on Tehran streets or described their training in Israel. "There was a... More »

Israel, Iran Terrorists Are Killing Scientists: Officials

Mossad funding, training People’s Mujahedin of Iran, sources confirm

(Newser) - As Iran has long claimed, Israel is indeed behind the assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, providing financing, training, and weapons to the Iranian terrorist group that carries out the attacks, US officials confirm to NBC News . Five Iranian nuclear scientists have been killed since 2007, reportedly by the People’s... More »

Car Bomb Kills Iranian Nuke Expert

Israel suspected in hit on Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan

(Newser) - Yet another Iranian nuclear scientist has been murdered, this time after two assassins on a motorcycle attached a magnetic bomb to the 32-year-old chemistry expert's car. The death of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan comes almost exactly two years to the day since another nuclear professor was killed. Roshan, a... More »

Kissinger, Powell, et Al.: Ratify New START

Kissinger, Powell, Baker call on Senate for 'essential' vote

(Newser) - The New START treaty got some serious firepower behind it this morning, with the past five Republican secretaries of state writing a Washington Post op-ed in its support. "Although each of us had initial questions about New START," write Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, James Baker III, Lawrence Eagleburger... More »

Stuxnet Worm Built to Feast on Nuclear Centrifuges

Virus had one job: Foil Tehran nukes

(Newser) - A bit more light has been shed on the Stuxnet computer worm that wreaked havoc in Iran: it was tailor-made to go after nuclear centrifuges in ingenious fashion, the New York Times reports. It now looks pretty certain the worm was unleashed specifically to derail Tehran's nuclear work. As for... More »

Satellite Reveals N. Korea Nuke Building

Reactor would give country cause to enrich uranium

(Newser) - Satellite photos reveal construction at North Korea’s main atomic complex, suggesting the country is fulfilling its plans to build a light-water nuclear reactor, the AP reports. The images, from a private Washington institute, show at least two cranes and an under-construction rectangular structure, and come amid reports that work... More »

US, South Korea Offer North 'Grand Bargain' on Nukes

Obama's envoy heading to Pyongyang next month

(Newser) - South Korea's president says he and President Barack Obama have agreed to offer North Korea a "grand bargain" aimed at ending the North's nuclear program. President Lee Myung-bak, speaking at a joint news conference today in Seoul, said the deal would be similar to his proposal for a package... More »

Iran Tested Advanced Nuke Warhead Technology

Tehran said to have deployed design still classified in US, Britain

(Newser) - Iran has tested nuclear warhead technology so advanced that its very existence is an official secret in the US and Britain, according to a report from the UN’s nuclear watchdog group, the International Atomic Energy Agency. The dossier, obtained by the Guardian, says Iran has tested the high-explosive components... More »

Iran Nuke Talks Sluggish, But 'Moving Forward'

UN watchdog seems some progress between Tehran, Council members

(Newser) - Negotiations over the future of Iran’s nuclear program have been sluggish, the chief United Nations representative at the Vienna talks says this evening. “I believe we are making progress. It is maybe slower than I expected. But we are moving forward,” Mohamed ElBaradei says. The permanent members... More »

Obama Had Hand in Secret Talks With Iran

Worked out deal with France, Russia to process uranium

(Newser) - Barack Obama personally stepped in multiple times during the secret multinational talks with Iran that led up to the negotiations that began yesterday in Vienna, White House sources tell Time. When Iran put the word out that it needed enriched uranium plates for its aging research reactor, the Obama administration... More »

Iran Waffles on Nuke Deal

Talks begin today as state news hints out-of-country enrichment deal won't fly

(Newser) - State news reports coming out of Iran suggest that country is backpedaling on a possible deal to enrich partially processed uranium in Russia or France for use in nuclear power plants. State-run television reports that the government is in fact opposed to shipping partially enriched nuclear fuel outside of the... More »

Iran May Be Ready for Nuke Deal

Nation may have reached its goal

(Newser) - Iran has likely taken its nuclear program as far as it wants to and the nation may be willing to make a deal with the US and its allies this month, analysts say. The country has developed the capability to create and deliver a nuclear weapon without actually making it,... More »

CIA Knew of 'Secret' Iran Facility: Panetta

Once agency was certain this spring, Obama kept info as leverage for talks

(Newser) - The CIA knew about Iran's recently revealed uranium-enrichment facility and had been collecting intelligence on it since 2006. The US, the UK, and France had been on the lookout for a new secret plant since the 2002 revelation of the Natanz facility. When intelligence and covert operations uncovered a new... More »

Iran Not Nearly as Crazy as Neocons Claim

Its leaders aren't stupid—and deterrence can work: Greenway

(Newser) - Iran has no nuclear bomb, but already the old Bush-Cheney chorus has returned to insist it's time for another war in the Middle East. It's true that sanctions may not stop Iran from ramping up its nuclear program, but that doesn't mean that deterrence and diplomacy can't help, writes Boston ... More »

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