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Shut Off the Smartphone, Lest You Kill the Bar Debate

There are times for your iPhone; the bar is not one

(Newser) - Sure, you know to shut off your smartphone at the movies, maybe in the boardroom, and we hope in the bedroom, but there's one more place too sacred for technology: Your favorite watering hole. Ever since Derek Brown got that shiny iPhone, he finds himself Googling the answers to trivia... More »

How to Be a Crappy Bartender

The big key is ignoring your customers

(Newser) - Having woken up with a burr under his saddle (if not also perhaps a hangover) after a bad night at the bar, Derek Brown brings some tips on how to be bad bartender:
  • No need to give customers what they really want. “Nothing says first class like treating the
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Secrets for Summertime Bartending

(Newser) - Hoping to do some bartending this summer—or just to bring some class to your home boozing? Pete Wells, in the New York Times, has an encyclopedia of tips for you. Highlights:
  • Chilies: Small amounts of hot peppers can actually lower your body temperature.
  • Cola: Some new colas are using
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Tough New Schools Shake Up Bartending

Restaurants, liquor firms aim to gussy up drinks

(Newser) - In a tough economy, restaurants are hoping to cash in on cocktails—and bartenders are going back to school to improve their mixology prowess, the Wall Street Journal reports. Restaurants hope expert barkeeps will bring in upscale drinkers, and the courses help trainees score top jobs. But the advanced-level programs... More »

4 Stories