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Customers: Lands' End Sent Us 'Pornographic' Mag

Not everyone was pleased with free copy of 'GQ' featuring Emily Ratajkowski

(Newser) - Lands' End has been rewarding customers who spend $100 or more by sending them free magazines—but the promotion turned sour when the issue of GQ that most recently landed in customers' mailboxes featured a topless Emily Ratajkowski with just a lei covering her breasts, the Huffington Post reports. Dozens... More »

Shuttering Mags, Conde Nast Turns to ... Online Dating?

Publishing giant makes 'very bizarre' venture into new business

(Newser) - OK, so Gourmet wasn't working out, seven staffers at Glamour were just given the boot, and the remaining mags in Conde Nast's stable are slashing up to 25% of their budgets. But obviously the time is ripe for Conde Nast to launch…an online dating site, the New York Daily ... More »

GQ Buries Story on 'Putin's Dark Rise to Power'

Piece on '99 bombings at odds with Condé Nast's biz in Russia

(Newser) - GQ is keeping a tight lid on one of its own articles that questions the Russian government’s involvement in the 1999 bombings that catapulted Vladimir Putin to power, NPR reports. GQ owner Condé Nast operates in Russia, where dissent is often met with crippling “audits.” So management... More »

Businessmen Strip Off the Power Suit

As bankers fall out of fashion, so do their stodgy duds

(Newser) - To the list of casualties of the economic crisis, add the three-button power suit. And don't cry for the fashion industry—men are investing in replacements for their cookie-cutter wool security blankets, making men's clothing priced over $100 one of the few bright spots in the bleak retail landscape, reports... More »

4 Stories