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Save a Bundle: The Best Days for Online Shopping

Need pants? Try Mondays

(Newser) - If your passion is fashion, any time might seem the right time to hit the Web for deals. But it turns out that when you shop matters, says Need a pair of pants? Mondays are best, with savings of nearly 50% on average. If you need a pair... More »

Post-Crash Ireland Becomes Luxury Bargain Basement

Fancy cars, wines, homes selling at deep discount

(Newser) - In the midst of its worst recession in modern history, Ireland has become a bargain hunter’s paradise, with high-end cars, homes, and wines selling for a song. “It’s a bit like old vultures over the carcass,” one shopper tells Bloomberg . “You’ll see all sorts... More »

What Not to Put on Plastic

(Newser) - Credit card companies know more about you than you think—and if they think you're financially stressed, you're in trouble. American Public Media lists 10 "red-flag" purchases that you shouldn't make with plastic unless you want to give your credit card company the jitters.
  • Traffic tickets: These make you
... More »

Revamped Dollar Stores Cash In on Recession

More food, cleaner aisles lure shoppers

(Newser) - When the recession sent pinched consumers hunting for bargains, dollar stores were ready. Cluttered aisles of cheap treasures have been replaced with stocked fridges and neat rows of mustard and canned beans. Half of US households now shop at dollar stores monthly, and 18% more $100,000-plus households started frequenting... More »

4 Stories