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Suzanne Somers Blasts ObamaCare, Gets Blasted

Her WSJ piece has since had 3 corrections tacked on

(Newser) - Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed written by Thighmaster maven Suzanne Somers. The reception has not exactly been kind . Her piece, titled, "The Affordable Care Act Is a Socialist Ponzi Scheme" lays out all the reasons why Somers thinks ObamaCare is exactly that, in roughly 500 words.... More »

5 Successful Celebs Who Were Once Teen Moms

Aretha Franklin had her son at just 14

(Newser) - Being a teen mom doesn't mean you can't also be a success, as these five celebrities rounded up by The Stir prove:
  • Sofia Vergara was married at 18, had a son by 19, and was divorced a year later. Of course, she went on to rack up a
... More »

Chemo Killed Swayze: Somers

Cancer survivor Suzanne Somers believes 'poison,' 'toxins' killed Patrick Swayze

(Newser) - Suzanne Somers thinks she knows what killed Patrick Swayze, and it wasn’t cancer—it was chemotherapy, she tells the National Post. “They took this beautiful man,” says Somers, a cancer survivor who has a book about the disease coming out next month, “and they basically put... More »

Oprah May Be Bad for Your Health

Many medical opinions, practices touted on her show aren't considered safe

(Newser) - What's good for Oprah's TV ratings might be pretty bad for your health, writes Dr. Rahul Parikh in Salon. In providing a soapbox for Suzanne Somers to tout hormone replacement therapy (which raises the risk of heart attacks and cancer) from and supporting Jenny McCarthy and her crusade against childhood... More »

4 Stories