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Rose McGowan: Arrest Warrant Is Effort to Silence Me

Which she says is a 'load of horses---'

(Newser) - Rose McGowan has been among the most vocal in speaking up about Harvey Weinstein . Now she's raising her voice about some trouble she's in with the law, and she's amplifying her outspokenness with a sprinkling of profanity. "Are they trying to silence me? There is a... More »

Alleged Online Drug Lord Tripped Up by Beard Contest

Gal Vallerius nabbed in Atlanta en route to beard competition

(Newser) - People in trouble with the law often grow a beard, or don a fake one, to avoid notice. In Gal Vallerius' case, his beard is what did him in. Vallerius, who authorities believe is an administrator for a dark web narcotics site, was arrested Aug. 31 at Atlanta's airport... More »

Border Patrol Finds 2 Kids, $460K in Cocaine in Woman's Car

Some women smugglers apparently bring children along to make themselves 'inconspicuous'

(Newser) - On Monday morning, a Border Patrol agent pulled over a Honda Accord cruising north on Interstate 5 in San Clemente, Calif., and the agent's drug dog started giving the sign there was possibly something illicit inside the vehicle, the Los Angeles Times reports. Surprise No. 1 when agents searched... More »

Cops: Man Tries to Hawk Drugs While in Court

Pennsylvania man's plan didn't pan out

(Newser) - A 35-year-old man who showed up in a Pittsburgh traffic courtroom Monday to face charges of driving under suspension was apparently feeling either very reckless or more or less invincible (and invisible). The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Christopher Durkin had wrapped up his hearing and was heading out of the... More »

In N. Korea, Addicts Climb Mountains to Get High

360 miles on foot is typical trek for some addicts: source

(Newser) - North Korea apparently has a "miracle" drug that cures cancer , but very little methamphetamine. In an attempt to curb defections , illegal phone calls, human trafficking, and drug smuggling, "border control has become a lot tighter, making methamphetamine harder to get," a source tells the Daily NK . "... More »

Jersey Shore's New Problem: Heroin Overdoses

Fatal overdoses more than doubled last year in Ocean County, NJ

(Newser) - It's been a rough week for New Jersey , and an NBC News investigation only adds to the state's woes: It found that fatal heroin and prescription drug overdoses at the Jersey Shore more than doubled last year, with 112 deaths in Ocean County compared to 2012's 53... More »

Nuclear Launch Officers Tied to Narcotics Probe

In the latest in a string of embarrassments for Air Force unit

(Newser) - America got yet another reason to worry about the men who have their fingers on the nuclear button yesterday, when two Air Force ICBM launch officers were suspended and named as targets of an illegal narcotics investigation. The two men, part of the 341st Missile Wing at Malmstrom Air Force... More »

Pakistan Nominates New Prime Minister

...and a warrant is immediately issued for his arrest

(Newser) - No sooner had Pakistan's ruling party nominated a new prime minister today than a warrant was issued for his arrest on drug trafficking charges. The PPP picked Makhdoom Shahabuddin to replace the recently ousted Yousuf Gilani, the AP reports. Shahabuddin is a longtime PPP stalwart, having held various positions... More »

Officers Gave Me Drugs, Forced Sex Acts: Junkie

Brooklyn trial continues to reveal scandalous details

(Newser) - Another embarrassing revelation from the NYPD police corruption trial taking place in Brooklyn: Narcotics officers gave junkie Melanie Perez crack and made her perform sex acts in return, she testified last week. Perez testified in Brooklyn Supreme Court during the trial of Jason Arbeeny, one of eight undercover officers charged... More »

NYPD Frames People for Drug Arrests: Detective

Ex-narcotics cop testifies it's done to meet quotas

(Newser) - NYPD narcotics officers routinely trump up drug charges against innocent people so they can meet their arrest quotas, a former detective testified. The detective, Stephen Anderson, was busted for planting cocaine on four people in 2008, a practice called “flaking,” the New York Daily News reports. He said... More »

Drug Deaths Soar Past Traffic Fatalities

Blame prescription drugs for drug-related deaths doubling over decade

(Newser) - For the first time since the government started tracking drug-related deaths in 1979, narcotics have topped traffic fatalities—37,485 for drugs vs. 36,284 for accidents in 2009 (the most recent year available), reports the LA Times . But the big culprit isn't street drugs: it's prescription pills... More »

Congress: US Wasting Billions in War on Drugs

Pair of reports blast counter-narcotics spending in Latin America

(Newser) - The Obama administration has essentially no evidence that the billions spent combating the drug trade in Latin America have done anything to stem the flow of narcotics into the US, according to a pair of scathing new congressional reports. “We are wasting tax dollars and throwing money at a... More »

With Eye on Spring Break, Florida Bans Bath Salts

Spring breakers will need to find another cheap, dangerous high

(Newser) - On the heels of reports that bath salts are as bad as meth, Florida's not messing around: The Sunshine State has joined Louisiana in banning the sale of little white packets of crystals that people around the Southeast are smoking or snorting, because, "For lack of a better term,... More »

CVS Fined $75M for Selling Meth Ingredient

Pharmacy chain punished for role in California drug 'spike'

(Newser) - The nation's largest retail pharmacy chain, CVS , is in trouble with the law for allowing customers to buy large amounts of cold medicine containing a key ingredient used in the manufacture of methamphetamine How much trouble? About $75 million worth. Federal authorities ruled that the chain didn't do enough to... More »

Atlanta Will Pay $4.9M in Wrongful Death of 92-Year-Old

Cops killed grandma, planted drugs on her

(Newser) - The city of Atlanta has settled with the family of a 92-year-old woman killed in an illegal police raid, agreeing to cough up $4.9 million in damages. Mayor Kasim Reed said the settlement allows the city and police department to close the door on the controversial shooting, which caused... More »

20 Docs Subpoenaed in Corey Haim Case

Dead star got prescriptions from many sources

(Newser) - The LA County coroner’s office has subpoenaed the records of the whopping 20 doctors Corey Haim obtained prescriptions from in the year before his death. “We get medical records all the time,” the deputy coroner tells the Los Angeles Times . “What’s kind of unusual is... More »

300 Arrested in Drug Raids Across US

Feds crack down on violent Mexican cartel specializing in meth

(Newser) - In the largest single strike at Mexican drug operations in the US, federal officials today announced the arrests of more than 300 people in raids across the country aimed at the newest and most violent cartel. La Familia has earned a reputation for dominating the methamphetamine trade and for using... More »

Feminists Don't Get It: Motherhood's a Drug

(Newser) - For Katie Roiphe, the connection with her newborn child is like an “addiction," she writes on DoubleX. "There is an opium-den quality to maternity leave. The high of a love that obliterates everything.” Why, then, can’t feminists accept that motherhood is more than a “... More »

Heroin Makes a Comeback

Price falls, availability surges for drug

(Newser) - The last 2 weeks have seen authorities seize huge amounts of heroin across the country—a combined 510 pounds in California, plus 17 more in New York. The drug hasn't been this readily available since the 1970s, reports the Christian Science Monitor, and authorities are worried because today's version is... More »

Drug Lords' Bling Dazzles Mexican Agency

(Newser) - Amid the ongoing drug wars in Mexico, one small branch of the country's finance ministry has a special job: selling off the jewel-encrusted pistols, armor-plated Hummers, and even wild panthers and lions seized from dealers' bling-tastic mansions. "You realize that the mansions in movies like Scarface aren't exaggerations,"... More »

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