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Dow Climbs 37 on Day 8 of Streak

Eight-day winning stretch is first in 28 months

(Newser) - Stocks closed up today as the Dow continued its modest winning streak for an eighth day—the longest period of gains in 28 months—though trading volume remained light, the Wall Street Journal reports. An auction of 7-year Treasury notes saw decent demand. AIG shares rose 28.8% on reports... More »

Fed Spurs Rally; Dow Up 120

Homebuilders gain as Toll Brothers reports strong profit

(Newser) - Stocks surged to gains before and after the Fed’s relatively positive report on the economy, the Wall Street Journal reports. Most investors took the Fed’s decision to end its buying of long-term Treasurys as a sign that the economy is returning to normal. Financials led gains, along with... More »

Dow Slips 26 as Oil Prices Fall

(Newser) - Markets were off today on plunges in the energy and manufacturing sectors brought on by falling oil prices, the Wall Street Journal reports. A poorly received auction of T-notes also did little to inspire confidence. The world’s largest steelmaker, ArcelorMittal, slipped 7% on a larger than expected loss, and... More »

$134B in Bonds Seized in Italy 'Clearly Fake'

US debt office tells conspiracy theorists to calm down

(Newser) - Conspiracy theorists, take note: The US bonds seized near the Swiss border with a face value of $134 billion "are clearly fakes," a Washington spokesman tells Bloomberg. Most securities are now issued electronically, only about $105 billion in bonds have yet to be surrendered, and the "Kennedy... More »

$134B Suitcase Could Be Huge Smuggling Scam

Italy arrests men with enough US bonds to buy a few countries

(Newser) - Last week, Italian authorities detained two Japanese men attempting to cross the border into Switzerland carrying a suitcase stuffed with $134 billion in US bonds. The men are either massive counterfeiters or—even scarier—the fourth-largest creditors of the US Treasury, with enough cash to buy three or four countries.... More »

Bond Sales Drive Dow Up 32

(Newser) - Markets were up today on a successful sale of 30-year Treasury notes and other indicators of economic recovery, the Wall Street Journal reports. Bank of America saw a 9% upswing after its CEO testified on Capitol Hill. The Dow gained 31.90 to 8,770.92. The S&P rose... More »

T-Note Auction Puts Dow Off 24

(Newser) - Markets fell today as an auction pushed yields on 10-year Treasury notes higher, the Wall Street Journal reports. A 30-year sale is scheduled for Friday. “Higher interest rates are not good for anyone,” said one broker. “It’s going to kill the refinancing boom.” The Dow... More »

Stocks Flat Ahead of TARP News

(Newser) - Stocks barely moved at today's open as traders awaited details on which banks would get approval to repay TARP funds, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Dow climbed less than 20 points; Procter & Gamble fell 1.4% after announcing its succession plans. The Nasdaq rose 0.6% and the... More »

Dow Flips on T-Notes, Adds 104

(Newser) - A well-received auction of Treasury notes and a jump in the price of crude oil pushed markets up today, the Wall Street Journal reports. “There was some real fear coming into this,” a strategist said of yesterday’s worries about government debt. “Clear-cut case of sell on... More »

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