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Olbermann's $70M Lawsuit Accuses Current TV of 'Blackmail'

Current calls suit 'false, malicious'

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann has filed a $70 million lawsuit against Current TV accusing his former employer of "blackmail," and blasting co-founders Al Gore and Joel Hyatt as "dilettantes." The angry 43-page complaint claims that Gore and Hyatt wooed him with promises that he would be his own... More »

Olbermann Debut Loses to MSNBC, Beats CNN

Lawrence O'Donnell gets more viewers in key demographic

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann's new Countdown debut didn’t exactly come with a ratings blastoff. Current TV hasn’t announced the complete numbers for Monday's show, but it said the program managed 179,000 viewers in the all-important 25-to-54 demographic advertisers crave. Current is happy with the rating, but Mediaite... More »

Olbermann Debuts in Familiar New Countdown

New show looks a lot like the old show

(Newser) - It has the same music, the same title, the same Limbaugh-bashing, the same liberal anger: In fact, the only thing the new Countdown With Keith Olbermann is missing, oddly enough, is its traditional reverse-ranked topics (hence, "Countdown"). The familiar show debuted last night on Current TV , five months... More »

Keith Olbermann Moving to Current TV

Former Countdown host announces his next move

(Newser) - It's official: Keith Olbermann is headed to Current TV. The announcement on the Current TV website calls the former MSNBC host a "great provocateur" and says he'll bring his "slashing wit, analytical eye, and distinctive commentary" to a nightly primetime news and commentary show. Olbermann will also be... More »

Keith Olbermann's Exit Deal: $7M, No TV for Months

And his next project might just involve Aaron Sorkin

(Newser) - Details of Keith Olbermann’s abrupt exit from MSNBC—as well as what’s in store for him now—are trickling out. The latest:
  • Olbermann’s exit package was “well in excess” of $7 million, sources tell TMZ . The deal includes a clause that benches Olbermann for a while—
... More »

Olbermann's 'Worst Person:' Back So Soon?

Segment, suspended in the name of sanity, returns

(Newser) - Well, that didn't take long: Not even three weeks after suspending his Worst Person in the World segment in the wake of Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity, Keith Olbermann brought it back. Olbermann announced the segment's return Tuesday, noting that 73% of polled viewers wanted it restored, according to... More »

Olbermann: I Should Have Done This Years Ago!

Countdown host returns from MSNBC suspension

(Newser) - It might have gotten him onto the "front page of the New York Times without being dead or in jail or Charlie Sheen or something" but his suspension was no stunt, Keith Olbermann said on his return to MSNBC last night. "Of course," the Countdown host added,... More »

Olbermann Apologizes to Viewers, Slams MSNBC

Host bashes network's 'inconsistently applied' policy

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann has apologized to his viewers for the "unnecessary drama" created by his suspension from MSNBC . In an open letter, the Countdown host said his fans and their "ground-rattling support" are responsible for his scheduled return to the air tonight, the New York Times reports. No olive... More »

Olbermann to MSNBC: I Want an Apology

'Keith sees himself as the star,' says an insider

(Newser) - As Keith Olbermann prepares to return to MSNBC tomorrow, it’s the network, not the host, that’s reportedly apologizing. Olbermann “insisted that MSNBC bosses apologize to him before he would agree to return,” a network insider tells PopEater . “Keith sees himself as the star of MSNBC,... More »

Olbermann Donated to 3 Democrats

'Countdown' host appears to breach NBC ethics rules

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann donated $2,400—the maximum individual contribution—apiece to three Democrats before Election Day, apparently breaking NBC rules, Politico reports. The MSNBC host, who has acknowledged the contributions, gave to two Arizona representatives the day one of them, Raul Grijalva, stopped by his show (the other was Gabrielle... More »

Ken Starr Slams Liz Cheney Hit Job on Lawyers

Clinton nemesis actually agrees with Olbermann on something

(Newser) - In a move that looked a lot like pigs flying, Ken Starr went on MSNBC's Countdown last night to decry Liz Cheney’s attack on Justice Department lawyers who had defended Guantanamo Bay detainees. Starr spoke to fill-in host Lawrence O’Donnell rather than frequent detractor Keith Olbermann, but Olbermann... More »

Stewart Takes Down Olbermann

Jon Stewart rails against MSNBC's Keith Olbermann

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann’s “Special Comments” have gotten so over-the-top that even Jon Stewart thought Olbermann's recent declaration that Scott Brown is “an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against women” was a bit much. Last night on the Daily Show , Stewart offered Olbermann some... More »

Network Execs Halted Olbermann-O'Reilly Feud

(Newser) - It took the intervention of a PBS peacemaker to halt the bitterest media fight of the decade, insiders tell the New York Times. Bosses at Fox and at MSNBC owner GE were fed up with Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly's long-running feud—especially after they started savaging each other's networks—... More »

'Mancow' Waterboarding May Have Been a Hoax

(Newser) - Erich “Mancow” Muller’s on-air waterboarding was a hoax, an anonymous tipster tells Gawker, forwarding a seemingly damning e-mail exchange between the shock jock’s publicist and a veterans group she was hoping could find a torturer. “It is going to have to look ‘real,’”... More »

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