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Apple Unveils New Macbook Pro, iOS 6

Tweaks include Siri upgrades, Facebook integration, map upgrades

(Newser) - Expectations were high going into Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco today, and the company didn't disappoint, rolling out a dramatic refresh of its MacBook Pro, and a new version of iOS brimming with new features. Here are the most important details: The New Macbook Pro
  • It'
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Jobs Touts iPhone 4's 'Retina Display'

New Apple phone's display has 4x the resolution

(Newser) - Steve Jobs reveals Apple's latest work today at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference. Due to a leaked iPhone prototype, most know that Apple's signature device is getting thinner, brighter, and will sport a flash for its camera. But what else does Jobs have in store? The Wall Street Journal and... More »

Peeved Apple Bars Gizmodo From iPhone Unveiling

Tech blog will still live blog the event—sort of

(Newser) - Steve Jobs has found his sweet revenge: Gizmodo's request to attend today's super-high-profile Worldwide Developers Conference—in which Jobs is expected to unveil the new iPhone that Gizmodo leaked —has been met with radio silence from Apple, leading the tech blog to make the awkward choice of creating a... More »

Coming Soon: Another, Mac-Like Apple Tablet

Company was working on it as it developed iPad

(Newser) - Not sold on Apple’s new iPad? Well, if the tech rumor mill is correct (assuming it isn’t completely busted from the leadup to last week’s unveiling), “Apple is pretty far along on work on second tablet device,” MG Siegler reports for TechCrunch . “A bigger... More »

Apple Rolls Out New iPhone, Drops Prices

(Newser) - Apple unveiled a slew of new goodies at its annual developers conference today, including a price drop on the basic model iPhone from $199 to $99. The New York Times dishes the details:
  • The new iPhone 3G S is faster, has vastly improved battery life and camera specs (it finally
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5 Stories