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There's No Room for Women in Trump's GOP

The 'egomaniacal' candidate has brought the party back to the 1950s

(Newser) - Until Donald Trump's "enablers" are cleared from the GOP "women would frankly have to have been lobotomized to believe anything the Republican Party tells them," SE Cupp writes in the New York Times . Cupp says she was spurred to write a piece about the sorry state... More »

Glenn Beck's Last Day: June 30

Still no word from Fox on his replacement

(Newser) - Mark it down on the chalkboard: Glenn Beck's final day on Fox will be June 30, reports Mediaite . A gleeful Media Matters notes that Beck's ratings in May were among his worst ever. Business Insider , meanwhile, suggests five possible replacements, including Megan Kelly and SE Cupp . Beck, of... More »

Meet SE Cupp, Rising Star of the Right

She's young, smart, funny and 'equally interesting and irritating'

(Newser) - Get ready to hear the name SE Cupp a lot, writes Kate Harding. She's "one of the latest young, white conservative women to make a career of saying inflammatory things while looking really pretty." Cupp, though, who has a diary on Tucker Carlson's new Daily Caller, seems to... More »

Scribe Blames Obama for Dave's Palin Jokes

Letterman 'dirty talking' on Obama's behalf: Cupp

(Newser) - A conservative columnist yesterday blamed Barack Obama for David Letterman's cracks about Sarah Palin's "slutty" look and her daughter, reports the Huffington Post. "This is the enduring legacy of the Obama campaign," SE Cupp, who writes for the Washington Post and Politico, told Sean Hannity. "I... More »

4 Stories