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Arizona Busts Gun-Running Ring

20 indicted for buying 700 guns, planning to smuggle them to Mexican gangs

(Newser) - Twenty Phoenix-area men were indicted yesterday on charges of buying more than 700 guns—including AK-47 assault rifles—and conspiring to smuggle them to Mexican drug gangs. The accused acted as "straw purchasers," claiming that the weapons they bought were for their own use, when in fact they... More »

Navy SEAL Accused of Smuggling Guns From Iraq

He reportedly brought them home and sold them on black market

(Newser) - The spoils of war, apparently: A Navy SEAL is accused of smuggling 80 machine guns and other firearms into the US from Iraq and Afghanistan, then selling them on the black market with two civilian buddies. All three have been arrested after a 5-month federal sting. Cops say Nicholas Bickle... More »

Israel Captures Alleged Iranian Arms Ship

Smuggled weapons were headed for Hezbollah, Israel says

(Newser) - Israel has seized a cargo ship it says was being used to smuggle hundreds of tons of weapons from Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Though the ship has been sequestered, Israel tells the BBC it does not believe the crew was aware of the operation, and that the weapons were... More »

Tubby Texas Con Smuggles Gun in Flab

Cops missed pistol in 3 separate searches of 500-pound man

(Newser) - An obese inmate in Texas has admitted to smuggling a gun into prison, the AP reports—in between his rolls of fat. Authorities had searched George Vera, 25, at least three times after initially arresting him for selling illegal copies of CDs, but never found the unloaded 9mm pistol. The... More »

N. Korea Ship Sails Toward Sanctions Showdown

US Navy shadows ship suspected of smuggling arms to Myanmar

(Newser) - A North Korean ship the US Navy has been tailing is heading to Myanmar, and is about to become the first test of new UN sanctions against the Pyongyang regime, the New York Times reports. The US Navy suspects the Kang Nam is smuggling arms, and will search it if... More »

5 Stories