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Male or Female Nipple? You Aren't Supposed to Know

Instagram account founders challenge social media rules on female nudity

(Newser) - Protest takes many forms, and for some 54,000 followers on Instagram, that form is the nipple. Only female nipples are banned on Instagram, and critics who see that as a double-standard have launched the Genderless Nipples account to encourage people to post close-ups of their own. "You can’... More »

5 Body Parts We Really Don't Need

Wisdom teeth, tailbones, and male nipples top the list

(Newser) - With so many body parts, can we expect them all to be useful? LiveScience lists those that do bugger-all, like wisdom teeth and body hair. To wit:
  • Wisdom teeth: Our jaws have gotten smaller, so wisdom teeth can't fit anymore. Plus dental hygiene keeps our teeth from falling out
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Smokers May Lose Their Nipples

At least for those who get breast lifts or reductions

(Newser) - A plastic surgeon wants smokers to know: If you light up within a month of a breast lift, your nipples could literally drop off. That's because smoking can reduce blood flow to some parts of the anatomy. If those body parts don't get blood, they die, writes Anthony... More »

Hasselbeck Returns to View, Talks Nipple

Elisabeth accidentally sent racy photo of baby, cleavage to family

(Newser) - Elisabeth Hasselbeck was back from maternity leave and in her old form this morning on The View, chatting amicably with Whoopi and company about Rush Limbaugh, David Letterman—and her nipple. That’s right, Hasselbeck showed off a photo of her baby, and told an anecdote of a far racier... More »

Posh Inspires Nipple Surgery Fad

(Newser) - Victoria Beckham has apparently helped fuel a mini-fad of nipple surgery following rather noticeable changes that she has been flaunting behind T-shirts, reports the Daily Mail. The operations--which the former Spice Girl may or may not have had--can modify size, color, and shape. One busy London clinic reports a 30%... More »

5 Stories