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Trump's Drug Czar Pick Backs Out After Opioids Report

Rep. Tom Marino withdraws after being accused of weakening DEA's fight against opioids

(Newser) - A critical report accusing lawmakers of helping drugmakers flood the market with addictive opioids has claimed its first political victim: GOP Rep. Tom Marino will not be the nation's next drug czar, reports Politico . Marino "has informed me that he is withdrawing his name from consideration as drug... More »

Nation's Drug Czar Is Recovering Alcoholic

Michael Botticelli says his battle with addiction helps him know 'his peeps' better

(Newser) - Washington's drug czar has battled substance abuse from two angles: as director of the Massachusetts bureau of substance abuse services and as a victim. Michael Botticelli, who describes himself as a recovering alcoholic, found himself broke and handcuffed to a hospital bed after a drunk-driving accident in the 1980s,... More »

End the Drug War; Make Next Drug Czar a Doctor

David Sheff thinks Obama's not doing enough to end a counterproductive policy

(Newser) - Just once in his life, at 19, David Sheff carried a trunk-load of marijuana from Berkeley to San Diego. On his way home, his trunk now empty, police pulled him over and searched his car. Ever since he's looked back "with abject horror at how much my life... More »

Obama's Kitchen Has Too Many Chefs

President's 32 czars an 'end-run' around Congress: Cantor

(Newser) - President Obama has broken his promise to restore the power of Congress “by appointing a virtual army of ‘czars,’” Republican Eric Cantor writes in the Washington Post. The administration now has at least 32 czars—more than Russia ever did—with each spearheading major policy initiatives.... More »

UN Backs Off Hard Line on Drug Crimes

Today's report marks significant change in attitude

(Newser) - The United Nations did a 180 today on its drug decriminalization stance, praising the policy Portugal instituted in 2001 and asserting it has “not led to an increase in drug tourism” as had been feared, the Huffington Post reports. The annual drug policy report opposed full legalization while conceding... More »

5 Stories