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California's 'Iron Duke' Governor Dead at 89

George Deukmejian made his name fighting spending

(Newser) - Two-term California Gov. George Deukmejian, whose anti-spending credo earned him the nickname "The Iron Duke," died Tuesday of natural causes. He was 89. The Republican spent three decades in California politics as an assemblyman, senator, state attorney general, and governor. He was elected as the state's 35th... More »

The Plot Thickens for Embattled Missouri Governor

Eric Greitens could face 2nd felony charge

(Newser) - Missouri's top Republican legislative leaders abandoned GOP Gov. Eric Greitens on Tuesday, calling on him to resign instead of continuing to fight allegations that he illegally took advantage of both a charity he founded and a woman with whom he had an affair. Greitens already is facing a May... More »

Governor Peter Thiel?

Insiders say tech billionaire might make a longshot run in California

(Newser) - Perhaps inspired by Donald Trump's rise from business mogul to president-elect, Paypal founder, Gawker slayer, and ardent Trump fan Peter Thiel might be looking to add an unlikely title to his repertoire: That of governor of California, reports Politico , citing "three Republicans familiar with his thinking." While... More »

Nikki Haley Chosen to Deliver SOTU Response

SC gov 'knows the American dream and wants to see every American share in it'

(Newser) - South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, long described as a Republican rising star, is going to find out for herself whether delivering the response to the State of the Union address is a curse or a blessing. Haley, said to be a potential VP pick, has been chosen to deliver the... More »

Bridgegate for Scott Walker? Email Dump Airs Cronyism, Racism

Aide's emails tie governor to campaign law violations

(Newser) - Another huge setback for a Republican governor with ambitions for 2016: Some 27,000 emails were released yesterday relating to a probe that led to the arrest and conviction of former aides to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, and some of them could prove highly damaging. Some key facts, as per... More »

Pa. Governor Likens Gay Marriage to Incest

Comparison follows earlier one likening gays to children

(Newser) - Tom Corbett likened gay marriage to incest today—and that was his attempt to walk back an earlier comment likening it to a union of children. In an interview with WHP-TV today, the Pennsylvania governor was asked about a state attorney's comments likening same-sex marriages to marriages involving 12-year-olds.... More »

NJ Dem Tapped for Vast Task of Unseating Christie

Tough fight ahead for Barbara Buono

(Newser) - New Jersey's Democrats have picked somebody for the David-vs.-Goliath task of taking on the man polls show is the country's most popular governor—and possibly its most popular Republican. State Sen. Barbara Buono has won the support of the Democratic Governors' Association and state Democratic groups, making... More »

GOP Now Holds 30 Governor's Mansions

Republicans flip NC; races in Montana, Washington not yet called

(Newser) - It's not all bad news for the GOP: Republicans now have control of 30 governor's offices, the highest number controlled by either party since 2000 and close to the party's all-time high of 34 seats. There were 11 gubernatorial elections yesterday, and all but two have been... More »

GOP Govs to Romney: Hey, Economy's Not That Bad

Reelection interests clash with Romney's strategy

(Newser) - When Mitt Romney visited Iowa last month, he released an ad highlighting struggling, unemployed Iowans—which sort of irked Terry Branstad, the state's Republican governor. "My state is seeing significant growth," Branstad tells the Wall Street Journal , saying he didn’t know why Romney tried to stress... More »

Wisconsin Governor Recall Vote Is On

Dems will seek to unseat Scott Walker in June election

(Newser) - And the state's elections board makes it official: The recall election against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has been ordered, the AP reports. Mick E. Mous, Donald L. Duck, and Adolf Hitler have been scratched, but almost all the other 900,000 signatures on a petition to recall Wisconsin's... More »

GOP Governors Not Touching 2012 Race

Some fret over dividing party, others think endorsements don't matter

(Newser) - The National Governors Association gathered in Washington over the weekend—and though DC is abuzz over who the GOP nominee will be, most Republican governors are resolutely sitting on their hands. The majority haven't yet endorsed a candidate, and probably won't until the nomination is near, Politico notes—... More »

Christie Still Not in, but Doesn't Kill Hopes

New Jersey governor points to his earlier denials when asked

(Newser) - Chris Christie gave a high-profile speech at the Ronald Reagan library last night and left Republicans who want him to run for president with at least a glimmer of hope, according to Politico and the Star-Ledger . The New Jersey governor, asked if he'd enter the race, pointed to a... More »

Budget-Slashing Governors See Poll Numbers Plummet

Voters singing different tune as promises of tough cuts materialize

(Newser) - Last year, Americans voted in a wave of governors who vowed to cut spending—but now that leaders are actually doing so, their constituents seem to be having second thoughts. One poll finds just 30% approve of the performance of GOP Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who earlier this month outlined... More »

GOP Likely to Control 30 Governors' Seats

National wind could boost Republicans' chances locally

(Newser) - Republicans are smelling blood in the November elections, and part of the bleeding is likely to come from governors' mansions across the country, writes Nate Silver over at what used to be The GOP could well end up in control of 30 governors seats—up from its current... More »

Democrats' Real Problem: Chris Christie

New Jersey governor is 'going to break in a big way'

(Newser) - The Democrats have a genuine problem on their hands, and it's not the Tea Party. It's Chris Christie, the blunt-talking New Jersey governor who "just closed an $11 billion budget gap without raising taxes," writes Peggy Noonan. He's one of the only GOP leaders willing to eschew the... More »

Hawaii Guv Vetoes Same-Sex Civil Unions

GOP Lingle: I'm opposed to gay marriage

(Newser) - Ending months of tense speculation, Hawaii's governor yesterday vetoed a bill to allow same-sex civil unions. Republican Linda Lingle made her decision on the last day she had to consider the bill, which the Hawaiian legislature passed in April. State legislators don't have the votes to override her veto. "... More »

Texas Gov. Living High on the Hog in Rented Mansion

Rick Perry kicking it in 7-bathroom home

(Newser) - Pot, meet kettle? Texas Gov. Rick Perry spends his days requesting that state agencies slash 5% from the budgets, and he spends his nights in a sprawling rented mansion that has cost taxpayers $600,000 over the last two years. Fat-cat highlights, compliments of records obtained by the AP :
  • The
... More »

Va. Governor Removes Gays From Discrimination Policy

GOP's McDonnell excises protection for state workers

(Newser) - Gay state workers in Virginia are no longer protected from discrimination after new Republican governor Bob McDonnell excised sexual orientation from the state’s policy. McDonnell’s predecessor, Democrat Tim Kaine, added protection for homosexuals and veterans days after he took office in 2006, Talking Points Memo notes; McDonnell aides... More »

Scandal Fallout a 'Gut Punch': Jenny Sanford

SC first lady dishes on confessional press conference: 'way too long'

(Newser) - Jenny Sanford continues to offer tantalizing glimpses into her relationship with South Carolina governor and soon-to-be ex-husband Mark Sanford and the fallout of his affair. Sanford sat down with Good Morning America and provided NPR with an excerpt of her new book, Staying True. Some quips and revelations:
  • The confessional
... More »

Emails Reveal Todd Palin's Power

'First Dude' had say in virtually every aspect of Sarah Palin's administration

(Newser) - Todd Palin had a massive amount of power in his wife’s administration in Alaska, recently released emails confirm. The missives, obtained by NBC through the state’s public records law, show the “first dude” was heavily involved in judicial appointments, contract negotiations with public employees, and state board... More »

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