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Trump Slams Mika Brzezinski as 'Neurotic,' 'Not Very Bright'

Twitter fight comes day after campaign says he doesn't use personal insults

(Newser) - Donald Trump tuned into MSNBC's Morning Joe on Monday and clearly didn't like the negative coverage from hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. Thanks to Twitter, we know all about it: "Tried watching low-rated @Morning Joe this morning, unwatchable!" Trump tweeted . He then labeled Brzezinski "... More »

Santorum Struggles to Name Rubio Accomplishment

He gets grilled on TV after his endorsement

(Newser) - Ouch. New non-candidate Rick Santorum may have endorsed Marco Rubio , but he's apparently not well versed on Rubio's work. While on MSNBC 's Morning Joe Thursday, co-host Joe Scarborough asked Santorum to name Rubio's "top accomplishment" in the Senate, reports Politico . Santorum balked. "The... More »

Graham's Lament: 'How Am I Losing to These People?'

SC senator uses 'SNL' line to show how he feels about Carson, Trump

(Newser) - Ben Carson has admitted he used to "go after people with rocks, and bricks, and baseball bats, and hammers" and that he almost stabbed someone when he was a teen. Donald Trump is … well, Donald Trump . And Lindsey Graham is completely baffled how he's not making inroads... More »

Eliot Spitzer Kinda-Sorta Cries on TV

Seems to well up on Morning Joe; not everyone's buying it

(Newser) - Eliot Spitzer might have cried on TV this morning, but we can't say for sure. He appeared, at least, to get emotional during an interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe , after host Mika Brzezinski asked him to give a heartfelt answer to the question: "How are you different... More »

McChrystal: Assault Rifles Aren't for Civilians

Former general calls for 'serious action' on guns

(Newser) - Former Gen. Stanley McChrystal took a firm stance on gun control during a Morning Joe appearance today, demanding "serious action." Discussing the M-16 and M-4 assault weapons he used as a soldier, he noted that "the effects are devastating. ... That’s what our soldiers ought to carry.... More »

Barney Frank on Senate: 'Coach, Put Me In!'

Former congressman admits he'd like John Kerry's seat

(Newser) - Barney Frank wants to temporarily fill John Kerry's probably-soon-to-be-empty Senate seat, and he's not making a secret of it. "I'm not going to be coy. It's not something I've ever been good at. I've told the governor that I would now like, frankly,... More »

David Axelrod Shaves 'Stache for Charity

Obama adviser loses 40-year-old mustache

(Newser) - For the first time in 40 years, Obama adviser David Axelrod is clean-shaven. On MSNBC's Morning Joe , Axelrod pledged during the election to shave his famous mustache if the president lost Pennsylvania, Minnesota, or Michigan. When Obama won all three states, Axelrod said he would still shave if the... More »

Now Cantor Backing Away From the Pledge

But Norquist says he'll go after anyone breaking it

(Newser) - Eric Cantor joined the ranks of Republicans distancing themselves from Grover Norquist's pledge against raising taxes this morning, signaling that the GOP is willing to put revenue on the table to avert the fiscal cliff. "When I go to my constituents, it's not about the pledge,"... More »

Obama's Ex-Car Czar: Bain Ad 'Unfair'

Says it wasn't Bain's responsibility to create jobs

(Newser) - The man who turned around the auto industry for the Obama administration thinks it's out of line in attacking Mitt Romney's Bain record . "I think the ad is unfair," former "car czar" Steve Rattner said on MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning. "Look, Mitt... More »

MSNBC Bleeps Out Ann Coulter

Commentator goes a little too far for censors on Morning Joe

(Newser) - Anne Coulter’s lips moved quite a bit on Morning Joe today—but you couldn’t hear most of what she was saying. MSNBC censored her discussion of the GOP race, and she appeared confused by the move, Mediaite reports. “What did I say?” she asked on-air after the... More »

Wash Down 'Satan Sandwich' With 'Demon Drink'

Emanuel Cleaver breaks down his colorful remark

(Newser) - Emanuel Cleaver made quite a stir the other day when he called the debt ceiling deal a “ sugar-coated Satan sandwich ,” but he’s sticking by the remark—and even elaborating on it. In an interview this morning on Morning Joe, the host playfully asked what was in the... More »

White House: Halperin's Comment 'Inappropriate'

And Jay Carney let the network know

(Newser) - For the record, the White House thinks it would be inappropriate to call a president from either party a "dick." So says spokesman Jay Carney, who was asked to respond to Mark Halperin's infamous description of President Obama today on MSNBC's Morning Joe, reports ABC . (See... More »

MSNBC Suspends Halperin for 'D**k' Remark

Commentator calls move 'totally appropriate'

(Newser) - MSNBC has suspended Mark Halperin indefinitely after he called President Obama a “dick” on Morning Joe. “Mark Halperin's comments this morning were completely inappropriate and unacceptable. We apologize to the president, the White House, and all of our viewers,” the network said in a statement. “... More »

Halperin on Morning Joe: Obama Was 'Kind of a D**k'

Apologizes after rude remark is aired unbleeped

(Newser) - Political discourse reached a new high this morning, as political analyst Mark Halperin called President Obama "kind of a dick" on the air. Halperin was on Morning Joe, when he was asked to characterize Obama's combative press conference from yesterday . "Are we on the seven-second delay today?"... More »

'Morning Joe' Suspended Over Political Contributions

Scarborough gets two-day penalty after eight $500 donations

(Newser) - Move over, Keith. MSNBC's "Morning Joe" has been suspended for two days for making eight $500 contributions to political campaigns, Politico reports. Joe Scarborough reportedly gave the money to friends and family running in local races near his home in Pensacola. "I recognize that I have a responsibility... More »

Bloomberg, Scarborough 'Eying 2012 Run'

Mayor, MSNBC host may form 'odd couple' independent ticket

(Newser) - New York City's mayor and the host of MSNBC's Morning Joe are exploring the possibility of an "odd couple" run for the White House on an independent ticket, according to the Huffington Post , which cites "well-placed sources." Joe Scarborough, a longtime friend of Michael Bloomberg's, denies that... More »

Why the 'War on Islam' Is All Wrong

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan makes his case after O'Reilly comment

(Newser) - After Bill O’Reilly sparked a furor on the View with his comment that “Muslims killed us on 9/11,” MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan made an impassioned distinction today between Muslims and a Saudi-funded sect that has gone under the public radar, Mediaite reports. “There’s a small group... More »

'I'm the Most Conservative Guy at a Liberal TV Network'

Scarborough of 'Morning Joe' is happy he survived

(Newser) - Joe Scarborough and his Morning Joe show on MSNBC get a whole lot of love in a flattering new profile in GQ . "He's the conservative liberals suddenly think is swell," writes Lisa Depaulo, and his show has "become the best and most buzzed-about political show on television.... More »

'I'm Terribly Sorry, But David Gregory Had a Fit'

Scarborough cancels on Stephanopoulos

(Newser) - The highbrow news shows are seeing a little soap-opera drama—and a good old-fashioned hissy fit: MSNBC's Joe Scarborough had to cancel an appearance on George Stephanopoulos' This Week on ABC, reports the New York Post. "I'm terribly sorry," he told Stephanopoulos, "but David Gregory had a... More »

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