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NFL Player Wrongly ID'd as Shoplifter, Cut From Team

Lucky Whitehead says he was 'blindsided,' then cut from Dallas Cowboys

(Newser) - "Lucky" Whitehead's first name hasn't proved prescient lately, though he doesn't bear any fault in the most recent matter. Whitehead (whose real first name is Rodney, per NBC News ), who used to be a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, was cut from the team... More »

Indiana Fighting Store Owner Over Cold Beer

Convenience stores in state can only sell warm beer

(Newser) - GOP leaders in the Indiana Statehouse have reached agreement on a measure targeting a convenience store owner who used a legal loophole to circumvent the state's stringent law governing who can sell cold beer. A copy of the proposed legislation obtained by the AP sets a bar so high... More »

After Corporate 'Soap Opera,' a $3.3B Deal for 7-Eleven, Sunoco

7-Eleven scooping up most of fuel supplier's convenience stores

(Newser) - Sunoco is selling most of its convenience stores, with their accompanying gas pumps, to Seven & i Holdings, the parent company of 7-Eleven, in a deal valued at $3.3 billion as it looks to focus more on its fuel supply business, per the New York Times . About 1,110... More »

Convenience Store Executive Works 40th Straight Xmas

If his employees work, then he does, too

(Newser) - A New Jersey convenience store executive has fulfilled his Christmas tradition of working in one of the company's stores for the 40th consecutive year. QuickChek Senior Vice President Mike Murphy worked Friday at a store in Mount Arlington. Murphy says he's always felt he should work the holiday... More »

Don't Shop at Stores With Lights in Windows: Ala. Rep

Because those aren't American-owned, obviously, per Rep. Alan Harper

(Newser) - An Alabama lawmaker is calling on US citizens to show their patriotism this Yuletide season (and, ostensibly, for always)—by frequenting only American-owned convenience stores, gas stations, and tobacco outlets, WALB reports. And GOP state Rep. Alan Harper has an easy way for consumers to tell which stores are true-blue... More »

Clerk Foils Robbery With Beer

Thief decides his knife is no match for hurled cans of Natty Light

(Newser) - Here's another reason to love beer: Apparently, it makes a great projectile weapon. Steven Larson found that out earlier this week when he allegedly tried to rob a convenience store in Florida. Security footage shows a man threatening a cashier with a knife, the New York Daily News reports.... More »

To Thwart Thieves, Amazon Turns to 'Virtual Doormen'

Urban grocery stores, 7-11s host 'Amazon lockers'

(Newser) - Amazon's got a solution for customers worried their packages could be stolen from outside their doors. The company has set up metal cabinets, aka Amazon Lockers, in 7-Elevens, grocery stores, and drugstores in select parts of the country that safely house orders until customers come to collect them, the... More »

'Flash Mob' Loots Maryland 7-Eleven

30 teenagers swarmed in and calmly shoplifted

(Newser) - Apparently looting now falls under the classification of "flash mob." A group of 30 teenagers strolled into a Maryland 7-Eleven early yesterday, quietly picked up items, and then walked out without paying, reports Fox News . Cops are calling it another instance of flash mob crime, in which large... More »

Spotted: Farmville Groceries at Your Local 7-Eleven

(Newser) - Who'd have expected a modest Facebook game about raising cattle and tending to crops to become such a sensation? Now 7-Eleven is cashing in on the craze, with convenience stores selling FarmVille-branded food items. If that's not scary enough, many of these items have codes redeemable for in-game goodies including... More »

Big Tobacco Sues Over 'Disgusting' Anti-Smoking Posters

Firms seek to quash graphic NYC ads

(Newser) - Images of cancerous lungs, rotting teeth, and brain damage caused by smoking are "unappetizing," complain lawyers for tobacco companies suing New York City. RJ Reynolds, Philip Morris, and Lorillard are taking the city to court over anti-smoking ads that stores selling cigarettes are now legally required to post... More »

$258M Powerball Winner May Keep Job

Missouri store clerk making minimum wage will pay bills, fix teeth

(Newser) - A Missouri man who won a $258 million Powerball jackpot said he hasn't decided yet if he'll quit his job at the convenience store where he bought the winning ticket. Chris Shaw, a 29-year-old tattooed father of three, came forward yesterday as the winner of the 10th-largest Powerball jackpot ever,... More »

Newest Beer Brand Is From ... 7-Eleven?

Chain will sell its own suds in low-cost bracket

(Newser) - After quaffing your Burger King mimosa , be sure to leave room for a 7-Eleven beer. The convenience store has begun selling its own brand, called Game Day. The chain is trying to take advantage of the rising demand for low-cost beer in the recession, writes Joshua M. Bernstein at Slashfood... More »

Clerk Runs Off With Million Dollar Lotto Ticket

Customer's trust betrayed, guy probably in Asia

(Newser) - A former Texas convenience store clerk is on the lam and living large, police say, after making off with an unwitting customer’s million dollar lotto ticket. Willis Willis of Grand Prairie, Texas bought tickets at the Lucky Food Store every week, trusting the clerks to check if he’d... More »

Foiled Robber Leaves Store With $40, Bread

Shopkeeper pulls gun on would-be perp, who begs for mercy, food

(Newser) - A man approached a Long Island convenience store counter with a baseball bat, demanding cash; the shop owner whipped out his shotgun, prompting the man’s tearful pleas for mercy. The impassioned display worked, Newsday reports: Mohammad Sohail took pity on the robber and gave him $40 and a loaf... More »

Japanese Stores Conquer Convenience

Hard times suit the country's ultra-handy 7-11 descendants

(Newser) - Japan's ultra-convenient convenience stores are one of the few bright spots in the nation's struggling economy, the Washington Post reports. Business is booming at the 40,000 stores nationwide, which offer everything from hot soup to cold beer to fresh sushi. Customers can pay their bills, book travel, and even... More »

Boston Bans Drugstore Cigarette Sales

Also outlawed at college campus convenience shops

(Newser) - Boston's health honchos have approved some of the country's toughest anti-tobacco rules by banning sales at some stores, the Boston Globe reports. The new rules forbid pharmacies and campus convenience stores from selling cigarettes. They also ban smoking on bar and restaurant patios. The city's cigar parlors, previously exempt, will... More »

As Gas Prices Climb, So Do Gas Thefts

Tricky maneuvers help slake thirst for fuel

(Newser) - With gas prices soaring above $4 a gallon, gas thefts are up across the country, and thieves are devising ever-more-creative means of snatching the stuff, Newsweek reports. Some manage to keep the gas flowing after paying for only a few gallons; others siphon fuel from unsuspecting drivers’ SUVs. Some even... More »

7-Eleven Takes Top Franchise

Fast-growing chain trumps Subway

(Newser) - After 16 years of flirting with the top seat, 7-Eleven has finally wrested the title of No. 1 franchise away from sandwich heavyweight Subway, reports Entrepreneur. With 5,580 US stores, 25,062 worldwide, and a new one opening up somewhere every four and a half hours, the convenience giant... More »

Shoppers Ignore Dying Murder Victim

Wichita convenience-store patrons snapped photos, kept shopping

(Newser) - Convenience store murders rarely make national news, but when shoppers at a Witchita store did nothing to help a stabbing victim who lay bleeding to death on the floor—except to snap cell phone photos of her—the lack of response did. Wichita Eagle columnist Mark McCormick reported that shoppers... More »

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