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80,945 Nays, 75 Yeas, Yet Michigan OKs Nestle Water Plan

Despite public opposition, the plan complies with the law, agency finds

(Newser) - Michigan has given the OK to Nestle's controversial request to increase the amount of water it pumps from the state—despite the fact that a record number of public comments were made on the matter, and 80,945 of those comments were against the plan. Just 75 were in... More »

Most Americans Think Price Was Too High for Bergdahl

56% in CBS poll don't like the trade for 5 Taliban members

(Newser) - Americans generally aren't too pleased with the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange, especially if they're veterans or Republicans, according to a new CBS poll . Specifically, most in the poll (56%) think the US paid too high of a price by exchanging five Gitmo detainees. Some highlights:
  • Disapprove: 45% disapprove
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Trayvon Lawyers Draw On 'Bootcamp Playbook'

Benjamin Crump: 'The jury is the American people'

(Newser) - The lawyers fighting Trayvon Martin's case are seeking more than justice in a court of law. Attorneys at the black-owned law firm of Parks & Crump took their case to the public right away, contacting media and Al Sharpton , pushing for the release of 911 tapes, and helping to... More »

Pollster George Gallup Dead at 81

Gallup founder's son specialized in tracking religious beliefs

(Newser) - George Gallup Jr. has conducted his last poll. The renowned pollster, who helped run the polling organization his father founded for more than 50 years, has died of liver cancer at the age of 81, the New York Times reports. Gallup, who once considered becoming an Episcopalian priest and worked... More »

Poll: Public Wants Debt Compromise

GOP losing ground in battle for public opinion

(Newser) - As talks drag on, public opinion is shifting in favor of lifting the debt ceiling and against politicians who refuse to budge, according to two new polls. Some 38% of Americans now favor lifting the debt ceiling, a 10-point jump from a month ago, as opposed to 31% against, according... More »

Poll: 42% Think Obama's Doing Good Job on Oil Spill

Majority support more drilling, despite risks

(Newser) - The Gulf oil spill is not "Obama's Katrina," regardless of what Rush Limbaugh says. A new AP/GfK poll finds that the disaster hasn't hurt President Obama—but neither has it dimmed the public's desire for more offshore energy drilling. Some highlights:
  • Obama's handling: Some 42% of those surveyed
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Public Supports Obama Over GOP

Americans are wary, but still prefer Dems to GOP

(Newser) - President Obama has small lead over the GOP when it comes to public opinion, a new poll shows. Though Obama's approval rating sits at just 46%, only 35% of respondents have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party. A majority also believe the president is making the greater effort at... More »

Obama Statue Will Leave Indonesian Park

'Little Barry' bound for president's old school

(Newser) - A statue of President Obama that has drawn the ire of tens of thousands on Facebook will be moved from a park in Jakarta, Indonesia, to a less prominent spot near his old school. That location “is more appropriate,” an official tells AFP . He said the statue will... More »

Climate Emails Don't Prove Warming Is a Fraud

But they do damage credibility of scientists

(Newser) - The leaked climate change emails are “damning” and dangerous to the deadly serious inquiry into the state of our planet, Eugene Robinson writes. It’s not that the science is bad—“If I'm wrong, somebody ought to tell the polar ice caps that they're free to stop melting”... More »

Obama Team Downplays Risks in Afghan Pullback

Al-Qaeda, Taliban much closer than public has been led to believe

(Newser) - US military and intelligence officials see dangerous misrepresentations in the Obama team’s flirting with a limited, anti-al-Qaeda strategy in Afghanistan. “The White House is downplaying the dangers of doing the only thing that they think Congress and the public will support,” an official tells McClatchy. But taking... More »

Voinovich Makes 9 GOP Yeas for Sotomayor

(Newser) - As she coasts toward confirmation, Sonia Sotomayor picked up the support of a 9th Republican today, reports MSNBC. Ohio Sen. George Voinovich’s promised yea joins yesterday's announcement by Kit Bond of Missouri and on-again-off-again Obama cabinet nominee Judd Gregg of New Hampshire. Voinovich is among four of six retiring... More »

Fickle Voters Are Change Obama Can Believe In

We're ready to change politics, religion, relationships at the drop of a hat

(Newser) - Whether it’s religion, relationships, or politics, Americans are getting more fickle, experts say. Seniors citizens are more open to divorce, college students are more open to changing schools, and more than 40% of Americans will switch religions, notes one pollster. All this could be bad news for President Obama,... More »

Gates: Public Won't Stand for 'Long Slog' in Afghanistan

Turnaround must happen within year

(Newser) - Americans aren’t going to put up with a ‘long slog’ in Afghanistan, says Robert Gates: if the public doesn’t see things getting better within a year, support for the war will likely falter, he tells the Los Angeles Times. “After the Iraq experience, nobody is prepared... More »

Kristol: Hey, Liberals, Your Bubble Is Bursting

(Newser) - With the 2006 and 2008 election victories, liberals have been cheering the end of the “ghastly interlude of conservative dominance ushered in by Ronald Reagan,” William Kristol writes in the Weekly Standard. Not so fast. “Only six months into the new administration, even a talented hot air... More »

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