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Facebook Fixed Site By Turning It Off, On Again

Low-tech solution ended the biggest outage in four years

(Newser) - Facebook went down for two and a half hours yesterday, its biggest outage in more than four years. The “like” button disappeared from all 350,000 sites with Facebook integration. How did the site’s tech gurus deal with this disaster? The same way your mom solves most of... More »

Brits Outraged Over Organ Donation Without Consent

Health secretary apologizes after organs removed without consent

(Newser) - Computer errors affecting the National Health Service's organ-donor registry led to the removal of organs from 21 people who had not given consent, and the UK health secretary has ordered "a review to find out why this has happened." The error in recording the preferences of 800,000... More »

'Runaway Car' Owners Don't Believe Toyota's Explanation

They fault electronics, not recalled floor mats

(Newser) - Many Toyota owners don’t buy the company’s claim that floor mats are behind an accelerator malfunction, ABC reports. Toyota has ordered a 3.8 million-car recall for a problem that has vehicles suddenly and uncontrollably accelerating to high speeds, offering the explanation that an oversize floor mat pins... More »

VA Mistakenly Tells Hundreds of Vets They Have ALS

'Coding error' to blame for ALS mistake

(Newser) - Because of an error, the Department of Veterans Affairs incorrectly notified 1,200 veterans they had ALS, the fatal neurological condition also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, the AP reports. The letters alerted the veterans to disability benefits available to those who suffer from the disease. Thought the VA... More »

Man's Debit Card Charged $23 Quadrillion—for Smokes

Bank of America tacks on $15 overdraft fee for good measure

(Newser) - Josh Muszynski was just trying to buy cigarettes. But when he swiped his debit card, the New Hampshire man incurred a charge for $23,148,855,308,184,500—plus a $15 overdraft fee added by Bank of America, WMUR-TV reports. “I thought somebody had bought Europe with my... More »

5 Stories