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See the World's First Graphene Dress

Has LED lights that change color based on wearer's breathing

(Newser) - Two scientists first isolated graphene in 2004 and went on to win a Nobel prize for bringing to the world's attention a "wonder material" that conducts electricity better than anything else and has the potential to revolutionize fields from computing to travel, recounts the Guardian . It's a... More »

Forget Demi's Hip— That's Not Her Body

Funny, model Anja Rubik's model looks exactly like the cover shot

(Newser) - The alleged Photoshopping of Demi Moore on the cover of W appears to go quite a bit further than just a missing chunk of hip. The Frisky brings our attention to the clever detective work of Pop Culture Madness , which has unearthed a photo of runway model Anja Rubik wearing... More »

Walk the Runway Like a Pro

America's Next Top Model's Miss J teaches a reporter a thing or two

(Newser) - J. Alexander—otherwise known as Miss J, the 6’4" drag-dressing America’s Next Top Model judge—has been coaching models on how to rock the runway for almost 20 years. Cathy Horyn of the New York Times takes a lesson and offers a few tips:
  • Develop your own style:
... More »

Here Comes the Robot Bride

(Newser) - A Japanese fashion designer has enlisted a humanoid robot to model wedding dresses on the runway, the Sun reports. The robot, “Miim,” took to the catwalk like a pro, strutting and casting glances at the audience like her human counterparts. “We hope she can work in fashion... More »

4 Stories