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Romney a Fan of ... Israel's Socialized Health Care

Mitt praises health care system at fundraiser

(Newser) - Mitt Romney simply cannot wait to repeal ObamaCare, but he is a fan of Israel's health care system … which has been socialized since its founding in 1948, BuzzFeed points out. During his visit to the country, Romney today praised Israel for spending so little on health care: "... More »

US Dialysis System a Costly Horror

America spends more than anyone, yet sees more patients die

(Newser) - America’s Medicare dialysis program, once seen as a triumph for the masses, has become a “hulking monster,” writes Robin Fields in an exhaustive ProPublica investigation. Since 1972, treatment has been provided, through Medicare, for virtually anyone with kidney failure, regardless of age or income. Today, the US... More »

Health Reform Foes Are on Wrong Side of History

Access to health care should increase, not fade

(Newser) - The history of health care in America has been one of steadily improving health and lifespans as access to quality health-care has increased, writes Nicholas Kristof. The 1940s saw the greatest recorded increase in American lifespans as military mobilization improved access, he notes. This trend is now reversing, however, because... More »

Rush Endorses Socialized Medicine (Accidentally)

Limbaugh's pledge on Costa Rica raises eyebrows

(Newser) - Remember when Rush Limbaugh promised to go to Costa Rica if the Democrats’ health care reform bill passes? Well, good move Rush, because Costa Rica’s health coverage is rated as “excellent” by the American Journal of Public Health, and its life expectancy is second only to Canada in... More »

Meet the 'Right-Wing Hippie' Who Runs Whole Foods

No meat for John Mackey; no unions, either

(Newser) - John Mackey is a libertarian, an adherent of Ayn Rand, a skeptic about climate change, a vegan, and the CEO of Whole Foods. The company does $8 billion in annual sales, but Mackey flies commercial and drives a Civic hybrid. Nick Paumgarten investigates this walking contradiction, described by a business... More »

GOP Takes Down Tweet Linking Pelosi, Hitler

Link to doctored video from NRCC 'an error,' pulled after DCCC outrage

(Newser) - Turns out linking a genocidal dictator with the speaker of the House might be a little over the top, as the National Republican Congressional Committee found itself today taking down a tweet with a link to a video comparing Nancy Pelosi to Adolf Hitler. A broadside from the Democratic Congressional... More »

Happy Denmark Bucks Fate of Ex-World Powers

Former conquerors quite happy with perfect welfare state

(Newser) - Denmark has bucked the trend of former world powers—“expand, overreach, then decay, their martial spirit dimmed, their peoples left to recount old glories and wonder at times past,” Denny Woodkin writes on Splice Today. Instead of muttering about what could have been, the Danes have developed “... More »

British Health Care Would Kill Hawking...

...say foes of reform, forgetting that Brit physicist lives in UK

(Newser) - Opponents of health care reform should be careful how they use the terrifying example of Britain’s socialized system. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution stumbled upon an editorial on Investors Business Daily that asserts that “people such as scientist Stephen Hawking wouldn’t have a chance in the UK, where the... More »

Dumbest Arguments Against Health Reform

(Newser) - “The opponents of reform are getting serious now,” Paul Waldman writes of the health care debate for the American Prospect, “and they've turned the volume on their megaphones of mendacity up to 11.” Herewith, some of the most cringe-inducing arguments against:
  • It's not broken: Progressives dismiss
... More »

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