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11 Worst Abuses of 3D

Some things should just stay in two dimensions

(Newser) - 3D used to be innovative and fun on special occasions. Now it’s everywhere—even the Hangover sequel might be in 3D, and Sam Greenspan, for one, doesn’t want to “to pay extra money so I can see the unwieldy moist hairs of Zach Galifianakis's beard right up... More »

Strangest eBay Auctions Ever

Used handkerchiefs, sisters... the possibilities are endless!

(Newser) - Hard up for cash? Perhaps the Daily Mirror’s list of the 10 most bizarre eBay auctions will inspire you to sell off some of your own belongings:
  • Scorned by your ex-wife? Consider selling her wedding dress. If you model it yourself, as one man did in 2004, you could
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2 Stories