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Admission to National Parks Free for a Week

No cash needed April 16-24 to celebrate NPS' 100th anniversary

(Newser) - The National Park Service turns 100 this year, and to celebrate, the NPS is waiving entry fees to its national parks all of next week, Time reports. National Park Week runs April 16 through April 24, thanks to a joint effort by the NPS and National Park Foundation. "We... More »

GOP Should Copy Domino's, Admit It Screwed Up

Republicans can rise again if party acknowledges, 'We blew it'

(Newser) - The GOP need not abandon its core principles to become ascendant again—but it has to 'fess up to its failure to deliver what it preaches. The party could take a lesson from Domino’s Pizza, which in a new campaign basically says: "We blew it." The analogy... More »

Alanis Ex Cops to Making Mess, Inspiring Song

Full House star confirms rumors that he 'oughta know'

(Newser) - Comedian Dave Coulier says he is indeed the target of Alanis Morissette's angry 1990s hit "You Oughta Know." The two had a nasty breakup at the time, but Coulier denied the rumors that he was the creator "of the mess that you made when you went away"... More »

Ivy League Logjam Trickles Down

Applications—and rejections—up at second-tier colleges

(Newser) - Top-tier colleges are getting more applicants than ever, the Times reports, allowing a new class of schools to court—and reject—the overachievers increasingly turned away from the Ivy League. Universities like Bucknell, Colgate and Lehigh are tightening standards as students with top SATs and grades seek higher learning lower... More »

Valedictorians Halted At Ivy Gates

Rejections hit 90% at most prestigious schools

(Newser) -  With competition at top colleges more ferocious than ever, most Ivy League schools accepted under 10% of applicants for the first time, the Times reports. Tony schools like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Princeton turned away valedictorians and students with perfect SAT scores and GPAs, much to the shock of... More »

5 Stories