Wellesley College

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Wellesley Kids: Get Rid of Creepy Half-Naked Statue

They think 'Sleepwalker' can trigger thoughts of sexual assault

(Newser) - Administrators at Wellesley College apparently thought it would be a good idea to install a sculpture of an extremely realistic guy in his underwear, sleepwalking in a zombie-like pose near the center of campus. But the work of art isn't exactly being applauded by students at the all-female Massachusetts... More »

West Point Tops Best Colleges List

(Newser) - The US Military Academy tops the new Forbes list of top colleges, leapfrogging five places to bump Princeton out of the top spot. In the second annual ranking, another service academy, the Air Force's, lands in seventh place on a list that places schools according to "the quality of... More »

2 Stories